Outsmart Your Stereotyping Bias With Gamification

Equalture Best Practices: Ensuring Diversity & Inclusion

Objective hiring isn’t something you will achieve overnight.

It’s a process of trial and error, and that’s more than fine. Rome wasn’t built in one day either. With all the tools available to optimize & streamline your hiring process, it would be absolutely foolish to not focus on removing bias from this process too.

Therefore, I hope you will be joining us on our mission to shape the world of unbiased hiring. Time to stop letting stereotypes get in the way of you hiring great talent!

Cheers, Charlotte Melkert
Co-Founder & CEO at Equalture.

Insights you will get from this playbook

  • An in-depth understanding of stereotyping/affinity bias;
  • The impact of stereotyping/affinity bias on your talent pool;
  • Use cases & practical tips to outsmart your bias.

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“Based on the Equalture scores, we decided to invite a candidate who normally would have been rejected. They now turned out to be one of our Top-Performers!”

Sonja, People & Culture at Sidekick Health.

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