Game-based assessments: The future of recruitment

The game-based assessment solution for enterprise organisations to transition from gut-driven and experience-based hiring towards science-driven and competency-based hiring.

World's leading enterprises hire better and fairer with Equalture

Unlock the full potential of your talent pool

Overcome labour market tightness by focusing on the skills and competencies that are needed for your roles instead of looking for experience.

Provide exceptional candidate experience

Don’t miss out on talent, create an inclusive and fun application experience using game-based assessments, foster diverse and high-performing teams.

Create a workforce that is future proof

Whether your focus is to bridge existing skill gaps, stimulate internal mobility, or cultivate talent from within, our reports help you create a workforce that is future proof.

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Identify & define key competencies based on science

Game-based assessment help you switch to competency based hiring. Therefore, we help you to get crystal clear insights in the required top performer competencies for different roles. We help you gain these insights by anonymously analysing your existing team and helping you identify the requirements and competencies for specific roles.

Equalture helps you to define your hiring needs with:

  • Team and/or company Benchmark
  • Industry and/or Role Benchmarks
  • Hiring Survey
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Provide an unbiased, inclusive, and exceptional experience for your candidates

Base your first impression on science, rather than bias. Objectively evaluate a candidate’s competencies at the very start of the hiring process, by making use of game-based assessments.

Our games allow you to measure the following traits:

  • Learning ability
  • Problem solving ability & Analytical thinking skills
  • Flexibility
  • Work style
  • Workplace interaction


Completion rate


Candidate experience

12-34 min

Assessment duration

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Create a workforce that is future proof

Use the Interview Guide and Talent development report to create a workforce that is future proof. 

  • Structure your interviews with our interview guides. The interview guide is based on the assessment results, so you know exactly what to ask during the interview. 
  • Leverage our Talent Development report for science-backed insights that guide new employees’ professional growth and career advancement.
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Improved talent pool utilisation

Trainee retention

Candidate experience rating

Reduction in screening time


Improved talent pool utilisation


Candidate experience rating

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Trainee retention


Reduction in screening time

"With the help of Equalture we're able to widen up our talent pool and make more hires."

"92% of all hired candidates through Equalture’s game-based flow would not have been invited for an intake based on their CV. Since our collaboration, we see a drastic increase in the utilisation of our talent pool. Also, our interview-to-hire ratio increased by 73%.Meaning we’re able to spend more time with the right candidates."

Bart Wenning Senior Operational Manager at Randstad

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Frequently Asked Questions

When we talk about gamification, we mean the application of game based elements in non-game related contexts. Game-based assessments allow the candidates to show their natural, unconscious behaviour and abilities. To put it simply, gamified assessment refers to modifying the original form of traditional assessment by adding game elements to increase motivation.

Game-based assessments focus on measuring two aspects most predictive of job performance:

  • Cognitive Ability/General Mental Ability (GMA), which has proven to be the most significant predictor of work performance, with a correlation of 0.65-0.74 (source). 
  • Behaviour, which has proven to be a significant predictor of work performance, with a correlation of 0.45 (source).

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Game-based assessments have a number of advantages over traditional tests:

  • Non-trainable. Games are unknown, thus non-trainable. Therefore, game-based assessments provide you with results you can trust in. 
  • Non-manipulable. Games put candidates in an immersive experience and draw conclusions from data points that focus on a candidate’s unconscious behaviour. This prevents the impact of social desirability on the assessment results.
  • Bias-free. As games prevent the interference of socially desirable behaviour, they also prevent the chances of cultural background influencing the assessment results.
  • Engaging for candidates. Gamified psychometric tests are more immersive, meaning that they make a candidate forget that they are assessed. This reduces stress and anxiety, resulting in a much better Candidate Experience (average rating of all candidates that complete the Equalture game-based assessments is 4.54/5).
  • Innovative 21st Century format. Using Innovative technologies, such as game-based assessments, especially when recruiting and assessing candidates has repeatedly been proven to leave positive effects on applicant perception of an organisational image.

Game-based assessments are built and validated upon decades of scientific research and neuroscience.They are designed to help companies hire people based on science rather than bias. They are carefully designed, validated and evaluated making the results more reliable than results from traditional tests

Traditional assessments such as personality questionnaires, according to scientific research have proven to have multiple disadvantages when it comes to the hiring process:

  • Low validity when it comes to predicting future job performance. People arrive at a different result the second time they take a test, even if it’s just five weeks later. 
  • Involve dangers of self-reporting and social desirability.
  • Practising common cognitive tests (figure series, pattern recognition, etc.) wrongfully improves the results.
  • Cultural background influences self-reporting as people from different cultural backgrounds have different ways of expressing themselves and interpret words differently.

The games can be used for various functions and are adaptable for specific roles. As a company, you yourself choose which characteristics you find important to measure, so the package of games can be adjusted per function. The game-based assessments can therefore be used for all positions and all sectors.

Game-based assessments are built and validated upon decades of scientific research and neuroscience.

The assessment games were created by a team of neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists, organisational psychologists, data scientists, game designers and recruitment experts. They drew on decades of cognitive and behavioural and neuroscience in developing the games. Game-based assessments are new scientific tools for measuring and assessing a person’s cognitive ability, personality and unconscious behaviour. We validate our assessments extensively, both during assessment development and after an assessment goes live. As part of this process, we focus on the reliability of our tests and construct validity.