Equalture’s Manifesto: Shaping the world of unbiased hiring

A word from our Co-Founder and CEO Charlotte about our why and how.

‘’Just like Airbnb re-imagined the way we travel, Equalture is re-imaging the way we hire.’’

That’s how a friend of mine recently explained Equalture. And I do think there isn’t a better way of explaining the endless ambitions we have with our platform. 

Shaping the world of unbiased hiring for SMBs. That’s our end-game. Why? And how? Well, that’s what this manifesto is all about.


I am myself a founder. Where I started this company three years ago with my twin sister, Fleur, today we are counting fifteen people in our Equalture Crew. And although I know that fifteen might not sound like a lot to some other people, for me it actually is.

Thirteen more people came on board of what we call our Equalture rocket ship in the last three years. And that wasn’t a result of commercial growth. We didn’t hire team members because of our growth – we hired them in order to grow. And thanks to them, that actually happened. Today (Dec. 23, 2020) we are counting 250+ customers in eight different countries. Thousands of people are using our platform on a daily basis in order to make unbiased hiring decisions, and ten thousands of candidates are applying to our customers’ job openings every month. Thanks to my team. 

It’s not about the sum. It’s about the mix.

So what does this story contribute to the ‘why’? Well, that’s actually quite simple. I firmly believe that our team has enabled us to grow. Or to be more precisely, I believe that the combination of all fifteen people we have in our team has enabled us to grow. After all, building a great team isn’t about the sum of individuals. It’s about the mix of individuals. Putting the smartest people together in a room won’t necessarily provide you with the smartest results. It’s the right mix of people together in a room that will provide you with these results.

Our team currently consists of six different nationalities, and almost 50% of our team is female. All fifteen people are unique in their own way. Unique in terms of where they come from, who they are and what their talents are. They are the perfect blend (neuro)diversity together. And that’s what makes them work so well together. 

Diversity, both in terms of neurodiversity (skills and behaviour), as well as demographic diversity (gender, age, race, etc.), is a proven business case – but I assume that I don’t need to explain the commercial imperative of this concept to you anymore. Unfortunately, events such as Black Lives Matter have proven that, despite being aware of the commercial imperative of diverse teams, we still tend to not only form groups with the people within our comfort zone, but also have non-fundamental views on people that might be outside our comfort zone, based on their background, skills or personalities. 

This also happens in a hiring setting. When looking for a new team member, we tend to choose people who are similar to the people we already have in our teams – knowing that our team performances will be far behind from those of teams who did differentiate themselves through people.

And that’s all thanks to our unconscious bias. The mechanism that allows us to make 10,000 decisions a day – but also the mechanism that stimulates us to base hiring decisions on our non-fundamental and subjective views on people, resulting in building a non-diverse team.

(Neuro)diverse teams are the ones who can aim for the moon. The one thing, however, that keeps companies from building those teams, is people’s unconscious bias. So, by shaping the world of unbiased hiring, we can help the most promising, innovative companies from all around the world in making it to their moon landing. 


Equalture lives up to the following four principles in order to enable SMBs to debias their hiring decision making process.

Principle I. Unbiased hiring decision making requires a data-driven, objective method to get to know people.

In order to ensure an unbiased evaluation of a person’s skills and behaviour, a data-driven, objective method is required to prevent any influence of subjective findings, which often cause bias. Assessments have the ability to provide companies with highly insightful data into a person’s skills and behaviour. Also, assessments have proven to be significantly more reliable and objective than manual data collection methods, such as structured interviews. However, this does not apply to all assessment types. 

Re-imagine the you we assess people: Neuroscientific games to assess skills and behaviours, replacing traditional assessments.

Traditional assessments, like personality questionnaires, not only cause exhaustion and frustration, but can moreover be easily faked in a social desirable way, which heavily impacts your hiring accuracy.  Equalture believes in a gamified approach for assessments in order to allow companies to really get to know their candidates, as a gamified approach removes social desirability, stimulates unconscious behaviour and is considered to be attractive and engaging for candidates.

Principle II. Unbiased hiring decision making starts with objectifying the process of defining your hiring needs.

Whereas most hiring tools purely focus on collecting objective insights on candidates, and work with standard job templates in order to determine what to look for in a candidate, Equalture believes that an unbiased hiring decision making process not only requires objective insights on your candidates, but also on your team, in order to reveal your hiring needs and culture. 

Re-imagine the way you reveal hiring needs and culture: A Team Analysis to reveal the company’s hiring needs, replacing standard job templates.

Equalture facilitates the process in which a company’s teams are assessed first, in order to objectively reveal the teams’ strengths, weaknesses and cultural traits. These objective insights represent the company’s hiring needs and prevent a situation in which companies base their hiring needs for a specific job on subjective assumptions or standardised job templates, which don’t take culture and company-specific requirements into account. 

Principle III. Crucial candidate insights should be collected during the first interaction with this candidate, in order to create the right first impression. 

A first impression significantly influences the candidate evaluation process, and is in the current way of hiring heavily based on subjective findings. Therefore, Equalture believes that crucial insights on a candidate’s skills and behaviour should be collected right away, in an objective manner, in order to present companies with a complete overview of a candidate.

Re-imagine the way candidates apply to your jobs: A new job application experience, replacing the traditional application form. 

Equalture’s job application experience allows candidates to build up their profile and play a set of games during the initial application. These insights are used to create a data-backed Equalture Candidate Profile for each candidate applying to the job.

Principle IIII. Resumes should be replaced by the same standardised profile for each candidate to prevent inconsistent, misleading or lacking insights.

Resume-based hiring has proven to be a broken selection method, simply because human behaviours aren’t capturable in a piece of paper. Also, since resumes are different for each person, it can lack certain insights you’re looking for, contain misleading insights or it can cause a situation in which different candidates provide you with different insights, making it hard to properly compare them. As a result of these three problems, people tend to draw the wrong conclusions from resumes. 

Re-imagine the way your candidates are presented to you: A data-backed Candidate Profile, replacing the old-fashioned resume.

Equalture generates a profile for each candidate applying to a job, providing the company with all insights on previous experiences, skills and behaviours they need to objectively assess job fit and cultural fit in an objective manner. Also, this makes it possible to properly compare candidates.

And that’s it. Four principles. Four ways in which we re-imagine the way you hire. All with one goal: Helping companies make unbiased hiring decisions in order to build a team that can bring their business to the moon. Ready to climb into the rocket ship that’s called Equalture? We’re looking forward to the moon landing, together with you.

Cheers, Charlotte
Co-Founder & CEO

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