Game-based assessment overview

A brief overview of the different games we have on our platform.

We have chosen not to give away too detailed explanations of the cognitive abilities, behavioural traits, and personality traits of our games on the website, to prevent our customers’ candidates from deeply researching them. Start a live chat or book a demo to receive more in-depth information.

How someone thinks.

The way someone thinks has a significant impact on how this person deals with decision-making, problem solving, (strategic) planning, and more.

How someone interacts.

Knowing how someone interacts with others in the workplace helps you stay productive as a team and reach company goals.

How someone works.

Knowing how someone approaches their work tells you how they will complete a task, helping you to not only coach this person, but also to know what to expect.


Preferred work and environment.

Knowing whether someone can cope with changing environments and tasks, or prefers structure & well-defined tasks helps to make a fair assessment of their fit with a specific job or working environment.