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About us

‘’Before telling you all about why and how we came up with the idea of Equalture, I want to start with one entrepreneurial tip: never start a company because you want to try to solve struggles which you’ve never experienced yourself. Only by experiencing them yourself you are able to deeply understand the impact of it, the possible solutions and the parties involved. So, we didn’t decide to build a SaaS-startup just because it seemed cool or innovative. We have decided to develop Equalture because we were frustrated enough to become highly motivated to solve the four main hiring challenges.’’

Charlotte and Fleur, the two Co-Founders of Equalture, came up with the idea of Equalture when they were running a successful recruitment agency for one and a half year — and they still do. At all of their clients — big or small, large HR departments or small ones, finance or healthcare — they experienced the same struggles when searching for and hiring new colleagues. Therefore, their goal became to develop a product that could conquer the four biggest hiring struggles:

  • Efficiency;
  • Quality of Hire;
  • Candidate Experience;
  • Unconscious bias;

How? Just take 3 minutes to read our feature page and you will find out how.

‘’Every company sets goals — goals to make sure you will still be alive within 10, 20 or even 100 years. Without the right people, goals are just some words on a piece of paper. I’m addicted to comparing companies with flights. Goals are your airplane; your team is your pilot and technology is the fuel to make sure you will keep flying. That’s why we support companies in hiring the best candidate for the job. How? Simply by saying hi to data and by to your bias.’’
– Charlotte Melkert, Co-Founder.

The Equalture Team

The Equalture Crew: een perfecte mix van creativiteit, lef, technische toverij, ervaring en expertise. Wij hebben onze eigen talenten om onze business te boosten!


  • Peter de Ruijter

    Lead AI engineer

  • Renke Bijlsma

    Front-end Developer

  • Max Ruben Manse

    Head of Sales

  • Martijn van Wageningen



  • Ingeborg van Harten

    Head of Talent and Engagement @Irdeto

  • Raymond Van der Wal

    Managing Director Enterprise Solutions EMEA @VRP Consulting

  • Saskia Bekkers

    HR Director @Tele2

  • Jeroen Groot

    Interim CFO