Information for job applicants

Equalture has a clear mission: connecting skillful professionals to companies, making sure everyone gets an equal chance.

Companies that are using Equalture believe in three principles:

  1. Data helps recruiters to optimize reviewing job applicants;
  2. Blind hiring is an effective way of removing all human bias during the screening & matching of job applicants;
  3. Transparency is your most valuable asset.

What does this all mean for you as a job applicant?

Companies that are working with Equalture will ask their job applicants to create a profile in Equalture. Goal of creating that profile is reviewing job applicants as good as possible without any existence of unconscious bias. In practice, this means the following for you as a job applicant:

  1. Resumes and motivation letters are out; data is in! You will create a new profile in Equalture which contains everything you need to provide recruiters with a valuable and reliable application.
  2. You will be judged purely on ability and cultural fit. Age, gender, race, it all doesn’t matter anymore. It’s about your personality and qualities only. We make this possible by implementing blind hiring. In practice, this means that companies can’t read about your personal and demographic information until they decide to continue the application procedure with you.
  3. Transparency and speed. We know that’s what all job applicants wish for. Companies that are using Equalture provide insights in the steps of their application process so that you always know what to expect. Moreover, decisions from recruiters will be communicated automatically through the system. Speed and transparent, isn’t it?

Your Equalture profile can be removed at all times. We are only here to help you find your dream job! Ready for takeoff?