Linking Business Challenges to DE&I: Getting Management Buy-In for Your DE&I Strategy

Gwen Kolader starring in Equaltures oops im biased podcast on DE&I

Do you face pushback from management when suggesting that traditional recruitment practices limit candidate diversity and harm the talent pool?

Time to build a business case for it.


HR and TA leaders championing DE&I often face pushback from management when suggesting that traditional recruitment practices limit candidate diversity and harm the talent pool. According to Gwen Kolader, VP – Global Head of DE&I at Hexaware and Mobiquity, the most effective way to get management boards to buy into DE&I is to build a business case for it. 

But how do you build a compelling business case? 

  1. Gwen and Charlotte cover the three most compelling arguments for DE&I

  2. They advise on how to identify your company’s biggest challenges

  3. And how to frame them in statistics and numbers to make an impact. 

  4. Lastly, they cover what the next steps are once you receive buy-in.

Listen to the episode to get started with getting management, who might not be motivated by “doing the right thing” yet, on board.

Here are the main takeaways

  • Most management boards in companies might not yet be intrinsically motivated or driven by “doing the right thing”. This means that building a business case to show them the business value for DE&I could be needed to start a conversation.
  • In order to build a business case, it is important to identify the main challenges, such as the talent shortage, high turnover rates, or the struggle to gain an international footprint, and then to link them to DE&I. This turns DE&I into the business growth enabler it is.
  • Meeting management where they are and confronting them with numbers and statistics can be very effective and can lead into important steps of sharing stories, training and conversations to create awareness, combat unconscious bias and increase inclusion.
Gwen Kolader

A bit about

Gwen Kolader

Gwen Kolader has almost 20 years of experience in People & Culture. She worked as Director of Human Resources for Cognizant and now works as VP – Global Head DE&I for Hexaware and Mobiquity. Her passion has always been in Diversity and Inclusion, as D&I is not only the right thing to do, but it is also a crucial business growth enabler.

Gwen’s focus area within the Breaking Bias Expert Panel is Inclusive Leadership.

A bit about

Charlotte Melkert

With years of experience in the field of recruitment, both by starting a recruitment agency as well as being the Co-Founder & CEO of the hiring software company Equalture and her dedication to ensuring equal opportunities in hiring, Charlotte’s knowledge about the importance of neurodiversity within the workplace is thorough.

Her first years of being an entrepreneur have led her to several public speaking activities and nominations, including the top 8 most talented female entrepreneurs of The Netherlands, Forbes 30 Under 30, Top 30 Most Inclusive Leaders NL, LOEY Talent Award, Sprout 25 under 25 and Sifted’s top 14 European Gen Z Founders.

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