Oops! I’m Biased: Hiring for Neurodiversity

78% of autistic people in the UK and 55% in the Netherlands are unemployed, yet can be 140% more productive than neurotypical employees..

This is what Ludmila Praslova calls the autistic unemployment paradox

What does neurodiversity mean today, how does it relate to the autistic community and cognitive diversity and why is it important to consider in the workplace and in hiring?

Ludmila Praslova, Ph.D and Charlotte explore the definitions of neurodiversity and neurodivergent, the reality of neurodivergent and autistic people on the labour market and at work, the benefits to neurodiverse teams in organisations and inclusive practices when hiring neurodivergent candidates. 

This is just the start of a much larger conversation about neurodiversity inclusion in hiring and Ludmila Praslova has published many articles on the topic.

Ludmila Praslova

A bit about

Ludmila Praslova

Ludmila is a professor of Psychology at Vanguard University and a Contributor to Harvard Business Review, an Organisational Culture and Inclusion strategist, trainer and consultant and an expert in neurodiversity at work and autism inclusion.

So safe to say, we could not have invited a more knowledgeable expert for this webinar!

charlotte melkert

A bit about

Charlotte Melkert

With years of experience in the field of recruitment, both by starting a recruitment agency as well as being the Co-Founder & CEO of the hiring software company Equalture and her dedication to ensuring equal opportunities in hiring, Charlotte’s knowledge about the importance of neurodiversity within the workplace is thorough.

Her first years of being an entrepreneur have led her to several public speaking activities and nominations, including the top 8 most talented female entrepreneurs of The Netherlands, Forbes 30 Under 30, Top 30 Most Inclusive Leaders NL, LOEY Talent Award, Sprout 25 under 25 and Sifted’s top 14 European Gen Z Founders.

Canary Code: Find a deep dive into the Canary Code by Ludmila Praslova in Harvard Business Review here: https://hbr.org/2022/06/an-intersectional-approach-to-inclusion-at-work

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