Oops! I’m Biased: DE&I in the Boardroom

DE&I company strategy: Why and how it should start with management with Ella McCann Tomlin

In this episode, Charlotte talks to DE&I consultant, Ella McCann-Tomlin about diversity, equity and inclusion in the boardroom. Prior to starting her own consultancy, where she now works with companies who want to do more and do better with their DE&I strategy, Ella spent almost a decade in commercial leadership roles. In these positions, she did a lot of HR work, shaping the hiring process and the career progression of her teams, always aiming at making DE&I a priority in the company.

In Ella’s experience, almost all companies have now felt the pressure of setting up a DE&I strategy, but she sees a big difference between those who really understand and care, and those who know they should care.

There are no easy answers in working towards inclusion, and there is no neutral. But where to start?

Ella and Charlotte talk about whether DE&I should always be approached top-down, where to start your DE&I efforts, why it is so hard to measure inclusion, how you can still get insights, what an ideal vantage point for a boardroom would be when tackling DE&I questions, and why equity is important.

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