Translate your hiring needs into your Ideal Candidate Profile

Configure your jobs based on our industry knowledge and your team insights.

Really start thinking through jobs before posting them.

Now that your team analysis has helped you understand the needs for your hire, the next step is to translate these needs into your Ideal Candidate Profile.

Our Jobs Creation Module allows you to set the parameters of your job criteria: Education, work experience, (cognitive) skills, personality traits, screening questions and more. Pick whatever you value as important for your candidates.

How it works

Step 1. Share your hard criteria

Looking for someone with a specific educational background or work experience? Configure your requirements to match your candidates for this position on these criteria. 

Step 2. Configure the set of games

Select the games representing the desired skills and personality traits for this job and your company culture, by leveraging the outcomes of your team analysis. 

Step 3. Create screening questions

Finally, set up your screening questions to ask for a candidate’s motivation, salary expectations and more.