Gain insights on your current team to reveal your hiring needs

Reveal your team’s success predictors, skill gaps and cultural traits to act on.

Hiring success is made up of components: Understanding the needs for your hires and collecting the right candidate information to assess whether they fit these needs.

Understanding the needs for your next hire starts will start with understanding your current team first. Having clear, data-backed insights on your team’s top-performing indicators, skill gaps and cultural traits is crucial to ensuring that you look for a – for example – Business Developer that suits within your company and sales strategy. Without having these insights, your hiring needs will likely be too general, increasing the chance of making a mishire and not achieving your business objectives.

How it works

Step 1. Create

Set up your team structure in Equalture and invite your team members for the different teams.

Step 2. Play

Your team members will be automatically invited to complete a set of neuroscience games, which are selected based on your company’s growth stage, as well as the team’s field of expertise.

Step 3. Analyse

Once your team members have completed these games, in your Equalture dashboard you will find an overview of their strengths, weaknesses and your cultural traits to act on.

3 insights you will get from analysing your team

Strengths & weaknesses


Identify strengths and weaknesses by comparing your team results to the results of similar teams in our platform. You can use games representing a strength to set the bar for your candidates, and games representing a weakness to find candidates who can fill your team’s gaps.

Top-performing indicators


Separate top-performing team members from average-performing team members and analyse what distinguishes them to reveal which skills/personality traits are predictive for top-performance.

Cultural indicators


Identify cultural indicators by searching for games on which the vast majority of your team members (regardless of in which teams they are) score consistently and above average. 

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