Flipping hamburgers and building towers to assess an applicant’s personality and skills. Yes, that’s really possible. And it’s indeed as fun as it sounds.

You don’t want any any unpleasant surprises after hiring a new colleague. Use gamification to assess an applicant’s personality, intelligence and cognitive skills and let our technology advize you in which games are relevant to your different jobs and company culture.

We’ve chosen to replace traditional assessments by games for the following reasons:

Time to Play

Traditional assessments can take up to an hour. Games take up to 3 minutes per game.


Traditional assessment maintain a fixed difficulty level. Games are adaptive and therefore continuously adapt the difficulty level to an applicant’s performance.

Candidate Experience

Traditional assessments are experienced as boring and stress-stimulating. Games are fun to play and make applicants forget that they’re assessed.


Traditional assessments only measure the outcome of a test. Games measure both the outcome and the steps taken to achieve this outcome.