Objective, science-backed hiring in 3 simple steps.

Hire better with science, instead of bias.

Define your ideal hire.

Stop guessing your hiring criteria. Start measuring them instead.

Let your existing team complete the games to spot gaps, set internal benchmarks, and codify your culture. Consequently, complete the Hiring Criteria Identification Survey, designed by our Science team, to get clarity on what skills and behaviours the job requires. The result: Your Ideal Candidate Profile.

Assess all candidates, right at the start.

Base your first impression on the right info, collected through the right method.

Automatically invite all candidates to complete the games at the start of the hiring process. Allowing yourself to base your first impression on insights that have actually proven to predict job performance, collected through a scientific method.

Objectively select the best candidate.

Outsmart bias, before letting bias outsmart you.

Receive a report for each candidate, providing you with their results, benchmarked against your hiring criteria. Use the results to sort candidates, streamline your interviews, and select the right candidate based on science. Not on bias.

With Equalture, I have been able to create an unbiased hiring process in which decisions are based on data, rather than gut feeling. We have managed to remove reliance on a resume, to be able to only focus on high-potential candidates, and finally, the games have really taken our Employer Brand to the next level.


Anne van Hal

People Partner at Meatless Farm

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