Hiring bias can be easy to fall into.  Learn more about the most common hiring biases and how you can guard against them.

3 types of hiring bias causing unfair screening




Affinity/similarity bias

Affinity/similarity bias happens when we favor a candidate because we share a characteristic with them – for example, we went to the same university or worked at similar companies. 

Contrast Effect

The Contrast Effect happens when we compare two or more candidates. When you have seen a very impressive profile, which might be way better than the job requires, you unconsciously will raise the bar for the next profile you’re looking at. The same thing also happens the other way around

Halo & Horns Effect

The Halo Effect and the Horns Effect are the exact opposites of each other, so let’s explain them one by one:

  • Halo Effect: One positive thing about someone makes you wrongfully look more positively at all other aspects also;
  • Horns Effect: One perceived bad quality makes everything about this person seem less positive.

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Focus on potential rather than on a CV.

Focusing on a candidate’s past not only leads to inequalities but also has proven to be a poor predictor of job performance. 

Equalture’s game-based assessments focus on cognitive abilities (GMA) and behaviours,  the strongest predictors of job performance. 

A correlation between cognitive abilities, structured interviews, behaviour, work experience and education with job performance

Collect valuable insights in an unbiased way.

Debiasing your hiring processes is all about objectifying your hiring decisions. 

Instead of focusing on someone’s past, focus on their cognitive ability and behaviour. 

Traditional personality questionnaires and cognitive tests are endlessly trainable, can be easily faked, are culturally biased and cause anxiety. 

Equalture’s games are non-trainable, non-manipulable, free from biases and very enjoyable, which ensures an equal treatment of all candidates.

“Making hiring decisions without any science to back you up is like building a house without a foundation.”

Danielle Chan, People & Culture Manager @ Equalture

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