Internal study: Candidate reactions to game-based assessments by age & experience.

internal research equalture Candidates ' reactions from different ages and experience levels to a gamified assessment method

Gamification is a big trend in recruitment. Not only does gamification provide a more pleasant and immersive experience for candidates, but it also resolves some fundamental problems that traditional tests suffer from, such as social desirability and cultural bias.


Although gamification is getting increasingly popular, recruitment professionals often fear that older or more experienced candidates may not like gamification as much as younger or more junior candidates. Therefore, we conducted a study to identify potential differences in candidates’ reactions, based on their age and job/seniority category.  Please note that this data is collected anonymously for research purposes only.

About the analysis.


For this study we have researched candidate reactions to a gamified assessment method by focusing on two different aspects of the candidates:

  • Age category (7.663 responses);
  • Job category (10.053 responses);


Data collection

Every candidate who completes Equalture’s game-based assessments has the opportunity to share feedback (please note that this is optional). They can rate their experience with Equalture from 1 to 5, and they can also leave a qualitative comment. On top of that, candidates have the opportunity to anonymously sharetheir demographic details with us for research purposes. Data on age and job categories that is collected in 2022 is used for this study.

Download research paper here:

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