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In the world of recruitment, a common misconception is held around the relationship between higher level education and cognitive abilities.

Given the complexity of some university level degrees, it’s easy to make the assumption that people holding such a degree may have higher cognitive abilities than those who don’t, or may by default possess high levels of cognitive abilities.

While people with high cognitive abilities may indeed be drawn to follow a university level education, there is no reason to believe that people who have not obtained a university degree possess low cognitive abilities. Obtaining a university level degree is sadly not just a matter of choice but also a matter of privilege which is not open to everyone.

By inferring high cognitive abilities based on the possession of a university degree, an unintentional bias is created that results in adverse impact for anyone who has high cognitive abilities but may not have had the privilege or interest to follow a university level education.

In order to highlight that not being in the possession of a university level degree does not justify a general assumption of low cognitive abilities, the following report provides an overview of the effects of education on the scoring of the Equalture games that measure cognitive abilities.

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