Equalture’s Candidate Experience (CX) Report 2022

2022 CX Report Equalture

Candidate Experience is the reason why we started Equalture in the first place. 

We’re on a mission to ensure that every single candidate is treated the exact same way when applying for a job. And while ensuring these equal opportunities, we want candidates to have a joyful experience that makes them remember you as a company.

In this report, you’ll find an analysis of the Candidate Experience of all candidates that completed Equalture’s games as part of their job application in 2022

Equalture CX Rating: How it works.

After a candidate has completed Equalture’s gamified assessment, they are asked to rate their experience from 1 to 5.

Additionally, candidates can leave comments with their ratings. 

It is emphasised that this feedback will be collected anonymously, to prevent candidates from leaving a socially desirable rating.

Candidates left a rating.
Average CX rating.

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