Gender Differences in Equalture’s Game-Based Assessments


For this study, we have analysed the data of 7.222 job applicants who have all started Equalture’s game-based assessments between December 2021 and August 2022:

  • 3.289 applicants have indicated their gender to be female;
  • 3.933 applicants have indicated their gender to be male.


An important note is that all participants have been asked to complete Equalture’s game-based assessments at the start of the hiring process (i.e. prior to a first screening or a first interview).

Data we looked into

To analyse the main gender differences for our assessments, we looked into the following topics:

  • Differences in Dropout Rate between genders;
  • Differences in Completion Time between genders;
  • Differences in Candidate Experience between genders;
  • Differences in cognitive assessment results between genders.



Download research paper here:

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