Team Composition: The growth engine for scaleups

An introduction to the concept of Team Compositions, the growth engine for scaleups between 10 and 100 people.

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Your Team Composition is the combination of skills, competencies and personality traits that the people in your team (for instance Sales, Engineering, etc.) represent collectively.


Different company growth stages ask for different people, different skills and different combinations. Having certain skill or mentality gaps in your team, while these traits are necessary to grow your company, will danger your company growth and ultimately its existence.

Team Benchmarking

Team Benchmarking is the process of analysing your team’s current composition (in terms of skills, competencies and personalities) and benchmarking the results of this analysis against industry averages to reveal team risks and gaps to act on.

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How to improve

Having clear insights into your team composition and its gaps and risks allows you to act on these insights. This can be either by hiring people who can bridge these gaps or through training of current team members.

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