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People, Product and Market. These are the three components that make or break your startup success. Most founders have sleepless nights thinking about their product and market, but what they often tend to forget is the fact that a product can never be built and its fit with the market will never be found if you don’t have an amazing team to do this with. Together.

In this show, Charlotte, Equalture’s Co-Founder and CEO, chats with scaleup founders and CEOs from all over the world about their journey of building a team and the impact that their team has on their business. Milestones, failures and lessons learned. Just to remind founders of the incredible importance of their team.

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EPISODE 9 – Richard Mabey

A chat with Juro Founder and CEO Richard Mabey about the correlation between product-market fit and team size.

In this ninth episode, Charlotte chats with Juro‘s Founder and CEO, Richard Mabey. Juro is a fast-growing scaleup from the UK, developing the #1 contract collaboration platform. During this episode, Richard explains how vision on the correlation between product-market fit and team size, and walks us through Juro’s team building adventure. His lesson learned: The slower you hire, the better.

EPISODE 8 – Dan Murray-Serter

A chat with entrepreneur and UK’s #1 business podcast host Dan Murray about mental wellbeing, leadership and the power of slow hiring.

Dan Murray-Serter has an incredible track record. He has founded multiple companies, is investor and advisor, contributes to the Forbes, has UK’s #1 business podcast (Secret Leaders), and also started a new company this year, Heights.  In this eighth episode, Charlotte chats with Dan about the founding story of Heights, his personal struggles with mental wellbeing, Dan’s leadership style, and finally his very strong vision on the power of slow hiring.

EPISODE 7 – Niklas Fehrm

A chat with Scrive CRO Niklas Fehrm about building a profitable sales team in a tech startup.

In this seventh episode, Charlotte chats with Niklas Fehrm, who is the Chief Revenue Officer at Scrive, a Stockholm-based tech scaleup, building an e-signiture and digital identification platform. Niklas joined Scrive a few years after it was founded with a very clear and challenging mission: Building a commercial team that could help Scrive transition from a startup to scaleup. Niklas shares his milestones, failures and provided Charlotte with highly valuable tips that help startups turn their sales team into their growth engine. 

EPISODE 6 – Nadim Sadek

A chat with Proquo ai Founder & CEO Nadim Sadek about growing to $100,000,000 ARR in 2023 through culture.

In this sixth episode, Charlotte chats with Nadim Sadek, Founder & CEO of Proquo ai, a UK-based scalup, developing a brand management platform. Proquo has grown from 30 to 50 people in 6 months and is planning to be with 100 people at the end of 2020 – with the ultimate goal to ensure $100,000,000 ARR in 2023. Nadim shares his vision on company culture: How can you create the culture as a founder and how can you protect this culture when having growing so fast and having distributed teams. Listen to this episode for some highly valuable tips.

EPISODE 5 – Anouk de Wolff

A chat with founder and VC Partner Anouk de Wolff about the role of a founder in a growing team.

In this fifth episode, Charlotte chats with Anouk de Wolff, who has helped dozens of scaleups with their hiring and HR strategies, and is nowadays also partner in a Dutch VC fund. One of the things that Anouk helps scaleup founders with is not only creating and executing a hiring strategy, but also challenging the founders on which position they actually should get within the company. We discuss her view on the role of a founder in a growing team. 

EPISODE 4 – Adit Trivedi

A chat with Lingumi Founder and COO Adit Trivedi about growing their team by 330% in 6 months.

In this fourth episode, Charlotte chats with Lingumi Founder and COO Adit Trivedi about the incredible growth that Lingumi is experiencing. Since they managed to successfully grow their team from 10 to 43 people in 6 months, we discuss their best practices and learnings of realising this hypergrowth.

EPISODE 3 – Ben Gateley

A chat with CharlieHR CEO Ben Gateley about the danger of the Startup Mentality.

In this third episode, Charlotte chats with CharlieHR founder and CEO Ben Gateley about the Startup Mentality – this magic ‘recipe’ that every scaleup is looking for in a new hire. But what is the this Startup Mentality actually? And what are the dangers of blindly trusting on this concept? Ben explains his vision on this concept and the impact of operations and processes on team success.

EPISODE 2 – James Gill

A chat with GoSquared CEO James Gill about serving thousands of customers with a team of less than 10 people.

In this second episode, Charlotte chats with James Gill, who is the founder and CEO of GoSquared, an all-in-one growth platform for scaling companies. James has done an incredible job of founding the company at the age of 15,  serving thousands of customers today. And to make this even more impressive: They have achieved this with a team of less than 10 people. During this episode we chat about how James manages to accomplish these milestones with such a small team.

EPISODE 1 – Digby Vollrath

A chat with Digby Vollrath about building his team for UK’s #7 scaleup at the age of 29 and his vision on diversity.

In this very first episode, Charlotte chats with Digby Vollrath, Co-Founder and CEO of Feast It, UK’s leading event platform and #7 in the UK Scaleup List 2020. They talk about starting a company and building a team at a young age, about their incredibly strong focus on culture during the onboarding of new colleagues and how #BLM has triggered Digby to think about diversity and bias.