Mental Health Matters: Meeting Candidates’ Expectations With Wellbeing Initiatives  

61% of professionals expect their employer to ensure their wellbeing, and 62% said that they would consider leaving their job if their mental health needs were not met, according to a 2020 Deloitte study

How can companies meet candidate’s expectations towards mental health and wellbeing and what impact can mental health benefits have on recruitment?

Our expert guests, Michiel Sujeet ReithDanielle Chan and Eva Joosten share their experience with setting up mental health initiatives and discuss their impact on talent attraction and recruitment targets.

What to expect

  1. Why is there a misalignment between candidates’ expectations and employer initiatives and strategies when it comes to wellbeing and mental health?

  2. What practical ways are there to gather data about employee satisfaction and candidate expectations?

  3. How can companies start to adjust the misalignment to meet candidates’ expectations for mental health support?

Main takeaways

  1. 61% of professionals would consider leaving their job if their mental health needs are not met, and 80% of gen Z and millennials find mental health policies important when considering an employer.

  2. With the growing importance of mental health to professionals, there is also an emerging misalignment between what companies offer and what candidates expect: Companies are overestimating their offer and underestimating the candidates’ and employees’ (individual) needs.

  3. In order to tackle this misalignment, our webinar guests suggest starting conversations around mental health with leadership, assessing organisational culture, and establishing psychological safety.

How do companies figure out what exactly it is that candidates expect? Watch the full webinar to hear what our experts advise!

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