Scaling Culture – How to do it Right.

scaling culture how to do it right

Culture is what keeps your team together, motivates them and keeps them focused on a shared goal. At the same time, building a company culture that is scalable is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

Not being able to positively reinforce the right culture can foster a very toxic environment. This can be challenging to overcome because you often end up losing a lot of skilled people, which in turn leads to the need to hire new people to fill the gaps. Positively reinforcing the right culture, on the other hand, reduces any toxic behaviour as you scale.

Together our panelists Pres Jeyadeva (Teamtailor), Tom Jewell (Unleashed), Estella Reed (Boundless), as well as our very own – Charlotte Melkert discuss their personal experiences and key learnings on how to ensure culture is effectively scaled throughout a fast-growing organization.

Key takeaways

After viewing this webinar you will:

  1. Why culture is such an important pillar for (scaling) organizations
  2. How to reinforce culture throughout a growing organization
  3. How to reduce toxic behaviors, foster employee loyalty and satisfaction through culture
  4. Ways you can preserve company culture when adding new people to the team
  5. Learn whether hiring for cultural fit can reinforce a lack of diversity

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