Strategic Workforce Planning: Closing the skill gap in an evolving workforce

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Strategic workforce planning (SWP) is a priority for many leaders [The Conference Board], especially amidst a growing skill and knowledge gap due an ageing workforce. As experienced employees retire, organisations need to bridge the skill gap and ensure business continuity.

In this webinar, Alise Rupeka, Strategic Workforce Planning at Sita joins Joost Duijn, Head of Marketing and RevOps at Equalture, to explore workforce planning as a strategic solution to a growing skill gap.

  • The Impact of an Evolving Workforce: Challenges posed by a shifting workforce demographic [younger generations coming in, older generations retiring] and technological advancements, resulting in skill gaps.

  • Responding to the challenge with strategic workforce planning: Benefits and strategies to future-proof organisations

  • Practical application of skill & capability gap analysis: How to optimise strategic workforce planning in order to identify and close skill gaps and ensure business continuity despite an ageing workforce.


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