The danger of human bias

As humans we often fear change and the unknown and that is entirely normal – because we lose the feeling of being in control. As AI is rapidly becoming a more increasing part of our daily lives, so are the opinions surrounding it – AI “going rogue”, replacing humans and being a danger for society as we know it. The growing use of AI in recruitment has led to a lot of questions – can we trust it; isn’t AI biased; how does it work?

The important thing to understand here is that AI is merely a replication of society, a mirror so to say. So when it comes to bias, in fact, human bias is what is the real danger here. Especially when it comes to recruitment. 

Together neuroscientist Leonie Grandpierre, human-focused AI specialist Zoltán Szlávik, HR/Recruiting Manager Zarifa Yusibova from Myos and moderator Jesper van Gelder share insights about the real dangers of human bias, and how tech (AI) serves as an aid to remove bias from the hiring process. After all, AI is not there to replace humans – AI is there to make human related decisions more objective & reliable!

Key takeaways

After viewing this webinar you will:

  1. Learn about what exactly cognitive biases are
  2. Know what are the dangers of human bias when it comes to recruitment
  3. Find out the impact bias has on DE&I when it comes to recruitment
  4. Know how data and AI can help minimize these problems


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