Unbiased Graduate Recruitment: How to Hire in 2023

Unbiased Graduate Recruitment recording

In this webinar, Charlotte Melkert (CEO of Equalture) talks to Dennis Damoiseaux (Head of Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding and Candidate Services) about unbiased traineeship recruitment.

Main takeaways

  • Why DE&I-focused traineeship and graduate recruitment is future-proof

  • What do companies traditionally look for and why that damages their talent pool

  • Why FrieslandCampina changed their mindset and hiring practices

  • What FrieslandCampina’s traineeship recruitment looks like now 

  • What does the future look like for traineeship recruitment

Short summary

Almost a third of the workforce will be generation Z come 2030. Already, 83% of them would not consider an employer that has made no commitment to DE&I. Therefore, it is high time companies started up traineeship and graduate recruitment that is unbiased.

Dennis Damoiseaux (Head of Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding and Candidate Services at FrieslandCampina), together with his team, noticed that there was a huge drop off in the number of trainees after 2 years. Eager to tackle this problem, talent acquisition at FrieslandCampina overhauled their traineeship recruitment process, replacing traditional assessments with gamified assessments, removing biased job criteria that were harming the talent pool and finally also doing away with the CV.

This huge transformation in mindset and processes helped FrieslandCampina adapt to the labour market conditions and become futureproof, as well as it impacted their hiring targets positively as well as candidate experience.

Watch the full webinar to hear about how they managed to get management and hiring managers on board and how they turned their recruitment process for their traineeships around.

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