Plug Equalture into your hiring workflow to start collecting the data you actually need to predict a candidate's fit.

Step 1. Send candidates from your career site to Equalture

Equalture integrates with your Applicant Tracking Software to be able to replace your application form and send candidates from your career site to Equalture’s application experience once they hit the apply button.

Step 2. Let candidates apply through Equalture’s job application experience to collect crucial data

With all candidates applying through Equalture’s job application experience for a specific position, crucial data to predict job fit and cultural fit is collected for each candidate.

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Step 3. Collect all job applications in your Applicant Tracking Software

After finishing Equalture’s application experience, a matching profile will be created and sent to your ATS for each candidate (including previous experience and assessments results).

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Step 4. Use AI-driven matching to hire the best-fit candidate

Now it’s up to you to use data-driven, objective success predictions to interview and hire the best fit candidate and let our algorithm learn from your hiring decisions.

Integrate Equalture with your hiring software

Seamlessly integrate Equalture with your recruitment software to create an optimal recruitment cycle.

Is your Recruitment Software not in this list? No worries, we’re constantly working on new integrations. Just start a live chat to suggest a new integration.