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The old way of hiring is inequitable, biased, and inefficient. It focuses more on pedigree and a person’s history than their capacity to actually get the job done. Join Misty Gaither, Vice President, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB+) at Indeed, as she shares research, insights and best practices on how to design more equitable talent attraction processes in order to tap into new and under-appreciated pools of talent.


  • Misty Gaither, Vice President and Global Head of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belong (DEIB+) at Indeed


Join the Q&A with Charlotte Melkert, CEO at Equalture interviewing Karlijn van den Berg, Head of Talent at ABN AMRO about inclusive talent management. From recruitment and onboarding to career development and retention, attendees can expect valuable insights on how to embed DE&I initiatives at every touchpoint of the employee journey. Drawing from her experience, Karlijn will explore the various stages of the employee lifecycle and discuss practical approaches to integrating DE&I principles and policies sustainably.


  • Karlijn van den Berg, Head of Talent at ABN AMRO


Learn how to navigate change in enterprise ecosystems with industry leaders sharing their insights and experiences in driving organisational transformation within recruitment processes & DE&I. Learn about their biggest achievements in change management, including successful implementation of inclusive talent acquisition frameworks, DE&I strategy. Discover how these experts overcome obstacles by motivating key stakeholders to embrace change and innovation. Gain valuable insights into strategies for driving change whiting your own organisation.


  • Kobi Ampoma, Head of Talent Acquisition NL at Heineken
  • Enni Pidan, Senior Manager Talent Acquisition at PVH
  • Sophie-Anne Onland Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Nationale Postcode Loterij
  • Marcia Goddard, Founder of the Contentment for Business

Join a compelling discussion on talent pool utilisation with Friesland Campina. This session will explore the transition from traditional CV-based hiring to competency-based hiring, offering tangible strategies for improving the utilisation of the talent pool. Featuring insights from industry staffing leader, Friesland Campina, attendees will gain valuable perspectives and actionable takeaways to optimize their talent acquisition processes to make better use of their candidate pool.

  • Eva van Hoogstraten, Trainee Coordinator at FrieslandCampina


Enjoy a variety of hot and cold dishes at our lunch buffet, including vegan, vegetarian and meat options. 



Learn about the landscape of hiring evolving beyond traditional resume-based methods with Charlotte Melkert. Discover the key labor market challenges prompting this shift, and learn to recognize warning signs that your current recruitment strategies may have. Delve into the principles of Competency-Based Hiring versus CV-centric approaches, and gain insights on crafting effective competency frameworks and redesigning hiring processes from job descriptions to interviews.


  • Charlotte Melkert, Co-Founder & CEO of Equalture


Join Nexio Projects, a leading sustainability consultancy with experience in 30+ sectors and 25+ countries! We’ll be discussing the importance of sustainability reporting, especially regarding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Learn how we can help your organisation navigate its sustainability journey and create a more sustainable future.


  • Cilia Keser, Managing Partner & Chief of People at Nexio Projects
  • Zuzana Struharova, Practice Lead and Senior Consultant at Nexio Projects


Traditional pre-screening methods can unintentionally limit your talent pool. Discover how game-based assessments can revolutionise your recruitment process, promote inclusivity and unlock hidden potential. Join the panel discussion where the experts delve into the science behind bias in traditional assessments and how game-based assessments create a more inclusive experience and their implementation.


  • Josanne Verdonk, CHRO at G-Star RAW
  • Marcia Goddard, Founder of the Contentment for Business
  • Fleur Melkert, Co-Founder & CCO at Equalture

Attend an interactive workshop on competency-profile creation, where we delve into the essential process of identifying and assessing competencies crucial for effective candidate selection. Discover strategies for pinpointing key competencies within job roles, learn effective methods for assessing these competencies, and explore how to leverage these insights to streamline your recruitment processes.


  • Leonie Grandpierre, Head of Science at Equalture
  • Joris Steinmann, Organizational Psychologist at Equalture

The ever-changing world of work demands a fresh perspective on global hiring. Join Alan Price, Deel’s Global Head of Talent Acquisition, for a deep dive into Deel’s recent reports on global hiring trends and tech talent migration. Gain valuable insights on salaries, jobs, visas, and how tech professionals are moving across borders – all to equip you with the knowledge needed to build a winning global hiring strategy.

  • Alan Price, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Deel


Help yourself to a cup of coffee or tea and a pastry while networking with fellow delegates.

Join our exclusive roundtable for talent leaders in a guided discussion on tackling recruitment challenges like bias, talent shortage, and inefficient processes. Share best practices, brainstorm solutions, and discover effective strategies to build your dream team.


Get insights from this session where Toby Mildon dives into the utilization of data to drive recruitment strategies. Learn about best practices, use cases, and the role of analytics in making informed decisions for current and future recruitment directions. Explore how assessment for data analytics can be leveraged with an inclusivity methodology to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


  • Toby Mildon, Founder and DE&I Architect at Mildon and Author of Inclusive Growth

Discover how to attract diverse candidates with Mélanie Bosboom, representing a disruptor in male-dominated industry and empowering women to reach their full potential. Drawing from data-backed insights and community engagement, learn about how a team can facilitate connections, addressing challenges such as networking barriers and biased hiring practices. Learn how to guide your company in optimizing their employer branding strategies, from crafting inclusive job postings to fostering environments that retain diverse talent.


  • Mélanie Bosboom, Co-Founder at Female x Finance

Join Adina Avram, Head of DEIB & Talent Development at Trivium Packaging, for a dynamic roundtable discussion. Together, we will explore the complexities of manufacturing hiring, from addressing skill gaps and demographic shifts to navigating regulatory considerations and the impact of technology. By examining current talent acquisition and retention strategies, this session will provide valuable insights and practical solutions for the future of your manufacturing workforce.


  • Adina Avram, Head of DEIB & Talent Development at Trivium Packaging


Explore the intricate dynamics of fostering psychological safety within teams and its pivotal role in cultivating a thriving, high-performance culture. Marcia Goddard delves into real-world examples, including insights from the world of Formula 1, as our speaker and her team leverage their PhD-level expertise to empower organizations and government institutions with strategies for promoting wellbeing, inclusion, and sustainable success at all levels.


  • Marcia Goddard, Founder of the Contentment for Business


Equalture’s founders Charlotte and Fleur Melkert take the stage for the official closing of the programme.


Enjoy a drink and mingle with fellow attendees to end the day.