Kick-ass matching, top notch hiring

Talented people create opportunities; the right combination of those talents can make your business fly. We offer all features you need to find the right pilots for your flight.

Candidate Matching Scoring

Candidate Matching Scoring

Candidate profiling

The ideal candidate. Sounds simple right? Well, we know it’s not that simple. Personality, skills, education and even job experience: our technology guides you through determining your most important candidate needs and navigate the balance between those needs.

Candidate matching score

Our AI matching technology accurately predicts the match between a candidate and a job and increases your likelihood of a successful hire by 50%. This prediction will be translated into a candidate matching score and detailed profile.

AI matching algorithm

By making use of Machine Learning, our matching algorithm continuously learns from previous hiring decisions and the quality of hire to further optimize the matching predictions.

Neuro-assessment games

Gamification in recruitment isn’t just fun: it’s the most reliable and innovative method to analyze personality traits and cognitive skills. We make sure your candidates enjoy their application while we are able to collect significantly more data.

ATS integration

We believe in the power of combining technologies to optimize your hiring process. That’s why our technology can be seamlessly integrated within your recruitment life cycle.

Candidate Feedback & Experience

Candidate Feedback & Experience

Automated candidate feedback

Missing out on a job and never hearing why is a real dealbreaker for your company’s candidate experience. That’s why all candidates automatically receive feedback after finishing their application by giving them their matching report. This report contains all information candidates need to see their strengths and weaknesses regarding the job.

Candidate referrals & talent pool

Our system offers rejected candidates the opportunity to be informed about alternative jobs with a high matching score, which can be both jobs of your company and of other companies. This will increase both your candidate experience and the size of your talent pool.

Fun and easy applying

Pleasing the Company is no longer relevant in recruitment: it’s all about Pleasing the Candidate. Easy applying is nothing new; making it fun is where we make a difference. By replacing old-fashioned assessments with short fun games, candidates experience more joy during the application process.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Bias-free reviewing process

By masking all personal and demographic information in a candidate report, we make sure you can’t let your bias influence the candidate reviewing process. Once a candidate is invited to proceed the next stage of the application process, this data will be revealed. Say bye to your bias!


Hiring analytics are essential for hiring and process improvements. Our reports provide you with all information you need to know to learn more about your candidates and your process.