Equal Opportunity Hiring Certification Program

Commit to making the world a better place, by implementing practices to ensure equal opportunities in hiring.

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Why join this Program?


Make the world a better place.

Events such as Black Lives Matter have proven how far away we are from a world in which everyone is treated equally. By joining this program, we can end discrimination once and for all. Together.


Show that you care.

Caring about D&I is no longer an option. It’s what’s expected from you. This certificate proves to (potential) candidates that your company is committed to promoting equal opportunities.


Improve your hiring success.

By attracting more diverse talent, you can grow your talent pool, win the war for talent and hire the greatest people to grow your company with a diverse team.

Certificates and criteria

Customers can apply for three different certifications, depending on the practices they have put in place to ensure equal hiring opportunities.