Seamless ATS integration for streamlined & efficient workflow

Optimise your candidate recruitment process with greater efficiency, objectivity, and speed by linking Equalture to your Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

  • Eficiency through automated candidate management
  • Improve candidate satisfaction with streamlined processes
  • Centralisation of data and information in a platform of your choice

Our integration partners

We are able to integrate with the following ATS platforms as standard.

SAP SuccessFactors integrates core HR, payroll, talent management, people analytics, and workforce planning to drive business growth.

Greenhouse ATS software streamlines the hiring process from source to hire. Features like scorecards and interview kits promote focused interviews and reduce bias, ultimately surfacing the top candidates.

Workable is a robust tool for recruiters and hiring teams, aiding in the identification of the most suitable passive candidates for each job vacancy.

Oracle Recruiting Cloud—a solution that’s personal, intelligent, and seamlessly unified across HCM processes. 

Previously called Talentsoft, Cegid is an open HCM platform which provides talent management solutions that help HR and IT leaders.

AFAS provides one integrated software package for businesses – a total solution for a business’s HRM, Payroll, Procurement, Financial, CRM, and so on.

SmartRecruiters is a unique and enterprise-grade talent acquisition suite within the industry. It empowers businesses to efficiently hire talent as needed and within budget constraints.

Lever is a prominent Talent Acquisition Suite, simplifying the achievement of hiring goals for talent teams and connecting companies with high-quality candidates.

Teamtailor is tailored for various types of companies. It boasts modern features designed to benefit both employers and candidates, providing all the tools needed for successful recruitment.

Recruitee functions as a collaborative hiring platform, merging four crucial elements into one unified system: employer branding, job promotion, talent sourcing, and applicant tracking.

Homerun offers small businesses hiring software that includes aesthetically pleasing job postings, customizable application forms, and an intuitive, user-friendly applicant tracking system (ATS).

Connect Equalture with your own system: The Custom API

The Custom API enables you to securely connect your own tracking or database systems with the Equalture Platform. Through this connection, you are able to import the assessment results directly to your own systems.

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