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For the pioneers who are no longer willing to accept the biases of resume-based hiring.

A game-based assessment, introduced to all candidates at the beginning of the hiring process, to see the true potential of your candidates. Based on science, instead of bias.


Subjective hiring practices harm your hiring process in every possible way.

Without us being aware of it, our human brain makes some painful mistakes during the hiring process, resulting in inefficiencies, mishires, and a lack of diversity.

We search for the wrong people.

Our expectations of what we should look for in a candidate are oftentimes misaligned with what we should really look for.

We kill our own talent pool.

We claim to suffer from the War for Talent, while it’s in fact our subjective assumptions that make us reject great talents.

We make the wrong hiring decisions.

We hire candidates whom our gut feeling thought were the perfect fits, while they evidently weren’t. 

Equalture’s Objective Hiring Formula.

We not only believe, but have also proven that, by structuring your hiring process according to the following four pillars, companies will achieve objective hiring, resulting in hiring success, efficiency and diversity.


The right insights.

Focus on a candidate’s cognitive abilities (GMA) and behaviours, instead of experience and education.


Assessed through the right method.

Game-based assessments, instead of traditional assessments.


Collected at the right time.

Introduced at the start of the hiring process, instead of later.


Benchmarked against the right criteria

Hiring criteria that fit your specific needs, instead of a standard template.

A revolutionary game-based assessment technology, designed to remove subjectivity from start to hire.

Here’s how our technology guides you through objectifying every step of the hiring process, from setting your hiring criteria, to making the right hire.

A solution that everyone will benefit from.


An unforgettable experience, rated 4.5/5, after which candidates immediately receive their own results.

Hiring Managers

Easy-to-understand reports, allowing you to conduct interviews with high-potentials only, and hire the people who make your team reach its goals.

Recruitment/Talent Team

Leverage the true potential of your talent pool. Focus your time on the right people. Improve hiring quality. And boost diversity. All in one solution. 


Great products don’t make great companies. It’s a great team that makes a great company. And that’s exactly what we will help you achieve.

Don't take our word for it.

Here’s what our customers say.

Equalture’s game-based assessments allow us to get a very complete picture of our candidates’ cognitive skills and behaviours, without biases nor preconceptions.

Mariona Serra Palomares

People Business Partner at Heura Foods

All team members completed the Equalture games to identify strengths and weaknesses, enabling me to look for candidates with skills that the current team lacks. 

Zarifa Yusibova

HR & Recruitment Manager at Myos

With Equalture, we do an objective culture assessment at the start of the hiring process, resulting in no longer interviewing candidates who lack culture match.

Shravan Rangarajan

Corporate Recruiter at FRISS

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