About Equalture

What happened in 2017 was a trigger for Charlotte Melkert & Fleur Melkert – it was time to start a revolution.

Charlotte and Fleur started a recruitment agency, focused on getting more females in management positions. Soon after they started this company, Fleur and Charlotte realized that contributing to a more equal world isn’t about positive discrimination or setting quotas.

It’s about enabling and ensuring equal opportunities, regardless of who you are, where you come from, and what you stand for.

And that’s how Equalture was born.

Equalture has become a fast-growing HR tech scaleup based in The Netherlands, Rotterdam with the goal of shaping the world of unbiased hiring.

Equalture’s hiring software helps SMBs collect unbiased insights on the skills and behaviors of both their team and candidates to hire the best-fits without bias, by using a gamified approach

Charlotte Melkert

CEO & Co-Founder

Fleur Melkert, CCO & Co-Founder

Fleur Melkert

CCO & Co-Founder

Jaap Haagmans, CTO

Jaap Haagmans


Our Mission

We are on a mission to shape the world of unbiased hiring.

We want the world to be a place where everyone has equal rights and opportunities. A world in which people care about who someone actually is, beyond what’s written on paper.

Have you ever felt like you were evaluated based on your gender, age, or race, rather than your potential, skills, and personality? Conscious and unconscious biases affect candidates that apply for jobs and leave a significant impact on company culture and inclusivity. It’s important to look at this issue from a social imperative first, before looking at it as a business case.

For this reason, we are on a mission to shape the world of unbiased hiring. A world in which we evaluate people on skills, potential, and personality, rather than gender, age or race.

In 2021:

  • 16377 candidates applied in an objective way
  • 892 candidates were hired in an objective way
  • Received 2952 ratings on our gamified job application experience from candidates, average rating 4.5/5
  • We grew from 15 to 31 employees, with 19 nationalities, from which 52% is female
Rebecca Vermeij

“A great tool to objectify your view on candidates!”

“The professional customer service, the quick set-up, clear reporting, the games that candidates play, the fact you can check the candidate vs the team in place.”

Rebecca Vermeij

People Service & Recruitment Lead @ Bird Control Group

“Create awareness for bias-free hiring and objectify the recruiting process”

“I am absolutely thrilled with the basic idea of Equalture to contribute to bias-free hiring and thus provide more equal opportunities and objectivity in the recruiting process. Equalture has helped us to sensitize our hiring managers to put competencies and cultural fit in the foreground when screening applicants and not only to look at experience and stations in the CV.”

Kim Strehl

HR Manager @ Wawibox

“Build a more inclusive workplace”

“Equalture provides great insight and allows us to have meaningful conversations, both internally and with candidates. The games are fun which is also a plus!”

Julio Hailu

Head of People and Culture @ AREX Markets

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