Gamified assessments for objective hiring based on neuroscience.

We leveraged decades of cognitive and behavioural neuroscience to develop games that help you hire on science instead of bias.

overview of games, and candidate profile obtained by playing equaltures games based on neuroscience

A fair, science-backed, and modern alternative to outdated psychometric tests.

The correlation between work experience and job performance is 16%, the correlation between cognitive ability and job performance is 84%(!). Our Psychometric assessments allow you to reveal exactly these insights that are most predictive for job fit and culture fit.

Our neuroscientific assessment games resolve the fundamental problems of traditional psychometric tests and ensure a reliable, science-backed test outcome.

Bring science to the heart of your hiring process.

Scientific standards

We leveraged decades of behavioural and cognitive neuroscience to create games that help companies evaluate candidates objectively. Equalture’s science team is at the core of every new game added to our platform. Taking every game through extensive scientific research, development, and validation.

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results from the equalture games that are scientifically validated
two different people in one photo showing we take into account all different demographics to allow everyone an equal opportunity

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Within our validation studies, we test for possible effects of factors of demographics, such as age, gender, educational-, or cultural background, to ensure that the games provide a fair assessment that is not influenced by these factors. Also, the game designs are checked for aspects like colorblindness and include only color schemes that can be differentiated by the most common types of colorblindness.

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Collect insights that have proven to be predictive for hiring success.

Cognitive abilities

General Mental Ability (GMA) is the most successful predictor of someone’s learning ability and future job performance. Measure cognitive abilities such as flexibility, problem-solving ability and accuracy, to be sure about someone’s ability to succeed.

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woman whose cognitive abilities you can test through equalture's cognitive abilities tests
man who's personality and behaviours you can measure through equalture's workplace interaction game

Personality and behaviour

Behaviour and personality determine how someone contributes to your culture, collaborates with others, and executes their work. Get to know whether your candidates are conscientious, how they interact with others, and more.

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Analyse your team, before inviting your candidates.

Every job and company is different, but we don’t always know what makes it different. Invite your current team to anonymously complete our gamified tests first, to reveal your culture, top-performer indicators, and more, to set the right hiring criteria.

Example of team analsysis scores that you receive after performing an equalture team analysis

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So, why neuroscientific games instead of traditional assessments?

Neuroscientific games resolve the fundamental problems that traditional psychometric tests suffer from.

Social desirability

In contrast to questionnaires, which present all possible answers to a question, games inhibit people from decoding and identifying socially desirable results and focus on behaviour more than the outcome.

Candidate Experience

Games are more enjoyable to take part in, reduce stress and anxiety, and stimulate unconscious behaviour, as the level of immersiveness makes candidates forget that they are being assessed.

Cultural bias

Reduce cultural bias, which often arises when a test allows for social desirability (as socially desirable behaviours is different for different cultures), or when a test includes lots of culture-sensitive words.

Candidates rate our gamified experience 4.5/5.

Want to experience our gamified assessment yourself?

Preview of the gamified assessment measuring workplace interaction