Breaking Bias Expert Panel.

Why an Expert panel?


To complement our in-house expertise in unbiased hiring, we’ve decided to assemble a panel of trusted professionals to share their expertise and knowledge with you.

In order to encourage sharing of knowledge and make a real difference, these experts will share their insights and resources, especially about topics such as ensuring equal opportunities and a bias-free hiring process as well as neurodiversity, unconscious biases, gamification and assessments, DE&I in talent development, inclusion in the workplace and many more.

The goal? 

Connecting leading experts in several industries to provide you with valuable insights from people who all think differently but share one common goal: creating & fostering workplaces that are diverse, inclusive and successful.


Meet our experts

Gwen Kolader

Gwen’s focus area within the Breaking Bias Expert Panel is Inclusive Leadership.

Gwen Kolader has almost 20 years of experience in People & Culture. She worked as Director of Human Resources for Cognizant and now works as VP – Global Head DE&I for Hexaware and Mobiquity. Her passion has always been in Diversity and Inclusion, as D&I is not only the right thing to do, but it is also a crucial business growth enabler.

Ella McCann-Tomlin headshot

Ella McCann-Tomlin

Ella McCann-Tomlin’s focus area within the Breaking Bias Expert Panel is DE&I in talent development.

Ella McCann-Tomlin is the founder of Ardent – a Diversity, Equality and Inclusion consultancy. She works on transforming her clients’ company cultures to prioritise belonging and promote sustainable high performance. Furthermore, she develops DEI solutions that are practical and scalable by connecting people-focused leadership with commercial strategy.

Prior to starting her own consultancy, she spent almost a decade in commercial leadership roles in high-growth tech. During her tenure in tech, she was also responsible for shaping company-wide hiring & talent development processes.

Ludmila Praslova

Ludmila Praslova’s focus area within the Breaking Bias Expert Panel is neurodiversity (focus autism).

Ludmila is a professor of Psychology at Vanguard University and a Contributor to Harvard Business Review, an Organisational Culture and Inclusion strategist, trainer and consultant and an expert in neurodiversity at work and autism inclusion.

Brooke Gazdag

Brooke Gazdag’s focus area within the Breaking Bias Expert Panel is inclusion in the workplace.

Brooke Gazdag is a leadership and negotiation coach and an assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam – Amsterdam Business School in the department of Leadership and Management. She has dedicated much of her research efforts to diversity, equity and inclusion and regularly weaves the topic into her courses.

Marcia Goddard

Marcia Goddard’s focus areas within the Breaking Bias Expert Panel are assessments and gamification.

Dr. Marcia Goddard is a neuroscientist with a specialisation in work floor behaviour: how do you create a company culture that allows people to thrive? She was Head of Science and Innovation at international recruitment agency YoungCapital, as well as Head of People & Culture at impact company Tony’s Chocolonely. She now runs her own consulting firm, Brain Matters Consulting, and is Chief Culture Officer at The Contentment Foundation.

Mari Järvinen headshot

Mari Järvinen

Mari Järvinen’s focus area within the Breaking Bias Expert Panel is cognitive/unconscious biases both on the individual and organizational level.

Mari Järvinen is an organisational psychologist. She is the founder of Profounder, her consultancy agency that helps start-ups and scale-ups with change management, leadership and HR challenges.

Tori Graham

Tori Graham’s focus area within the Breaking Bias Expert Panel is neuroinclusivity (focus ADHD).

Tori Graham is podcast host of “What’s wrong with recruitment?” and talent partner at Bother.  She is an advocate for neurodiversity inclusion in recruitment, specifically with respect to ADHD.

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