Oops! I’m Biased: Cognizance of Bias & Cultural Intelligence (Part 1)

Inclusive Leadership with Gwen Kolader: Cognizance of Bias & Cultural Intelligence (Part 1)

Cognizance of Bias and Cultural Intelligence are two of six traits that all inclusive leaders should have, as defined by Deloitte. Leading a team doesn’t make you a leader, especially not an inclusive leader. So what does it take?

Gwen Kolader, Global Head of DE&I at Hexaware and Expert on Inclusive Leadership on the Breaking Bias Expert Panel discusses how your awareness of bias is crucial, as well as the knowledge that your own perspective of other people and their cultural backgrounds is limited and can inhibit inclusion. Which biases should inclusive leaders watch out for? What is cultural relativism? And what is it that all individuals have in common?

This episode is a recording of Gwen Kolader’s presentation at the Breaking Bias Summit and is part one of two.

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