Our Science and standards.

Being on a mission to shape the world of unbiased hiring, our scientific validity and test accuracy is our highest priority. Our Science team is dedicatedly focused on the scientific validation of our assessments, which is publicly accessible for everyone.

Our science and associated principles are what make us unique, which has made companies from all across the globe choosing Equalture’s assessments.


Built upon decades of modern neuroscience.

Equalture’s assessments are built upon decades of behavioural and cognitive neuroscience. We do not build assessments upon existing frameworks such as the MBTI or DISC, as these frameworks are not scientifically validated and are based on outdated perspectives on the work environment.

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Developed according to the COTAN Review System.

The Dutch Institute of Psychologists (NIP) formed a committee for test matters in the Netherlands, COTAN, which outlines a review system for evaluating test quality. During the development of our assessments, we have taken the COTAN Review System into account as a basis for our assessment development process. 

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Inclusion at the heart of our assessments.

We want you to hire your best candidate, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, or neurodiversity. We continuously conduct studies to prevent any possible effects of demographics, colour blindness, AD(H)D, ASD, dyslexia, and more. 

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Extensively validated, with a focus on Reliability and Construct Validity.

We extensively validate our assessments, both in the process of developing the assessments as well as on an ongoing basis. As part of this process, we look to enhance the reliability of our assessments, as well as Construct Validity. Reliability refers to a test’s ability to produce consistent results over time. Construct Validity determines if a test is measuring what it is supposed to measure. Depending on the test, the process for determining construct validity typically involves leveraging other scientifically validated tests to find consistent correlations.

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We dare to do things differently.

One size fits no one.

Your Sales Executive role could require completely different skills from ours. Instead of offering standard assessments per role, our experts therefore help you set the right hiring criteria for your specific role, in your specific company.

21st-century format.

Our assessments are presented in a gamified format, instead of a traditional format such as a questionnaire. This format prevents social desirability and cultural bias, lowers stress, and improves Candidate Experience.

Introduced at the start.

Our engaging format allows you to let all candidates complete the assessment at the start of the hiring process. This way, all candidates get the exact same opportunity to showcase themselves, based on science instead of bias. 

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