Recruitment Trends Report 2024

Time to lead Progressive Changes for Equitable and Future-Ready Recruitment.

Insights you will get from this report

  • The current state of the labour market: What happened in 2023?
  • Challenging the status quo: Making a radical shift in the way we attract, hire and retain.
  • Discover the latest market trends and insights unveiled by data.
  • Make your company future proof: Discover focus areas for 2024. 

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“2023 defines a year in which the labour market has entered a radical, everlasting revolution.

A revolution that everyone saw coming, but to which hardly anyone has proactively responded. A revolution that companies could have tackled as an evolution if acted on earlier, but now can only be tackled as a revolution. A revolution that brings together all the challenges we have seen emerge over the past 10 years, leaving companies no choice but to radically change course.

A revolution that will redefine the foundations of Human Capital, from hiring to retiring.”


Charlotte Melkert, CEO of Equalture.

charlotte melkert

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