Creating an Engaging & Objective Candidate Assessment Process for Blue-Collar Hiring

Anouk van Barneveldt

Anouk van Barneveldt

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Pre-employment assessments for blue collar workers

When it comes to blue-collar hiring, the conventional approach of relying on education and past experience falls short in assessing candidates. Blue-collar jobs demand skills like learning ability, as well as attention to detail and these skills are crucial across various roles. 

But how do you figure out who’s got these skills? 

This is where candidate assessments step in – a strategic choice to evaluate skills relevant to blue-collar workers. Not only do they help mitigate biases, but they also streamline the hiring process, reduce time and cost, and enrich the candidate pool.

The struggle of balancing candidate engagement & accurate evaluation in a candidate-driven market

While finding the right assessment for white-collar jobs is already tough, it gets even trickier when you’re looking at blue-collar roles. Blue-collar jobs require various skills, but these skills are not standardised across industries or companies.

For instance, consider the contrast between a construction worker and a factory assembly line operator. The skills needed for these two positions can be worlds apart – while the former requires expertise in physical labour and familiarity with construction tools, the latter might demand precision and technical knowledge related to machinery. 


Traditional assessments are simply not enough

In a candidate-driven market, selecting the right assessment that ensures a great candidate experience; is not time-consuming; allows for effective and accurate assessment of the right skills – can be like finding a needle in a haystack. 

Sadly, traditional assessment methods often fall short of the expectations and needs of blue-collar workers:

  • 79% of blue-collar candidates prefer to complete assessments on mobile devices. However, traditional assessments often lack mobile-friendliness, disregarding the preferences of the modern workforce.
  • Traditional hands-on job trials, although informative, can be resource-intensive and may discourage participation, particularly among candidates who are currently employed elsewhere.
  • The inherent nature of traditional assessments can induce anxiety and stress, affecting candidates’ performance and the accuracy of evaluations (McCarthy & Goffin, 2005; Jendryczko et al., 2019).
  • The majority of blue-collar workers acquire their skill set by learning on the job. Traditional assessments are not designed to measure learning ability accurately.
  • Exceptions exist, however, most blue-collar jobs do not require a college or university degree. It means that traditional cognitive ability and personality tests – with their intricate exercises and lengthy explanations – may present challenges for some candidates.
  • Language barriers can present challenges, affecting both the assessment process and effective workplace communication. This underscores the need for more inclusive evaluation methods, addressing biases in traditional assessments, especially related to language and Eurocentric questioning.

All of the above underscores the need for assessment methods that can accurately evaluate this diverse talent, transcending linguistic and qualification barriers.  If you don’t act on it, it might mean you lose out on some excellent applicants during the initial stages of the hiring process. 

The solution: Equalture’s game-based assessments for blue-collar hiring

“The solution lies in adapting the way we approach, recruit, and hire blue-collar talent.”

Jason LaMonica, COO of Spec On The Job


One way to approach this is by opting to use a more innovative assessment format, specifically, game-based assessments that can improve the candidate experience by making the assessment process more engaging or enjoyable for applicants.  

Here’s how:

  1. Define your competency profiles based on the analysis of current team/top-performers and role-specific requirements identified with the help of our Hiring Criteria Identification Survey created by our Science team.
  2. Assess candidates at the beginning of the funnel, all while increasing the overall completion rate and improving candidate satisfaction by providing an assessment experience that is fun, engaging and inclusive.
  3. Blue Collar hiring usually means high volume. Equalture’s game-based assessments help navigate efficiently through a large number of roles & candidates. Allowing you to select best-fit candidates by filtering their assessment results based on your competency profile.
Successes of Equalture games in blue collar recruitment

With Equalture’s game-based assessments, you’re not just solving the puzzle of blue-collar hiring; you’re changing the game. TempoTeam, G4S and Danone and many more experience tangible benefits with Equalture:

  • An impressive increased retention rate of up to 78%. 
  • All blue-collar candidates collectively rate Equalture at an impressive 4.6/5 in 2023. 
  • The success continues as 84% of all invited blue-collar candidates successfully complete the assessments.

Join industry leaders like Tempo team, G4S, Danone and start hiring for Blue Collar roles with confidence.

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