Enabling unbiased recruitment through stakeholder management & training with Linda Hermanspann

Best unbiased recruitment practices from HashiCorps’ Linda Hermanspann
TA Leaders Unbiased Recruitment Podcast Linda Hermanspann from Hashicorp

What do Talent Acquisition roadshows, interview trainings and stakeholder management have in common at HashiCorp? They all form the basis of their unbiased recruitment strategy, but not for the reasons you might assume. 

In this episode, Linda Hermanspann, Sr Recruiter at HashiCorp, shares her learnings about unbiased recruitment. Topics that she covers are bias awareness trainings, hiring manager or interview trainings, how HashCorp approaches diversity metrics and how the company uses it aside from targets and analysis of the status quo, why stakeholder management is so tricky in talent acquisition and how to best approach it. Throughout the episode, Linda shares best practices, processes and tools that have been instrumental in HashiCorps implementation of unbiased recruitment.

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A bit about Linda Hermanspann

EMEA Sr. Recruiter and Talent Acquisition DEI Ambassador at HashiCorp Linda Hermanspann is an advocate for fair and inclusive recruitment practices, and passionate about delivering an outstanding candidate experience. 

Her work has been impactful in building an organisation that mirrors the multifaceted nature of the IT industry during the hyper-growth phase of HashiCorp. Linda is always looking for innovative approaches to recruitment challenges and is excited about building trust-based partnerships with hiring managers and other stakeholders.

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