Oops! I’m Biased: Inclusion in the workplace: is “being woke” enough?

Podcast cover_Brook Gazdag

In this episode Charlotte talks to organisational psychologist, leadership coach and professor for leadership and negotiation at the University of Amsterdam, Brooke Gazdag about the I in DE&I.

Brooke has dedicated much of her research efforts to diversity, equity and inclusion and regularly weaves the topic into her courses. With her colleagues, she has been developing a framework for inclusion in the pursuit of defining the concept as well as making it tangible. Her perspective on inclusion is rooted in everyday advocacy and builds on the pillars of ‘internal awareness’ and ‘belongingness’.

Charlotte and Brooke talk about the definition of inclusion, internal awareness and its two components – consistent awareness and signalling-, the difference between proactive and reactive inclusive behaviour, the concept of belongingness, why belongingness is closely related to feeling appreciated, the connection between inclusion and accountability, how to foster internal awareness in your organisation, why DE&I should or shouldn’t be taught in school, developing a universal definition of inclusion, making mistakes and how to think about inclusion like a scientist.

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