Redefining Talent Development and L&D in the Era of Competency-Based Organisations

With shrinking talent availability and increasing skill gaps reported as top barriers for business transformation [WEF & PwC report], organisations ought to be strategic about recruiting and managing their workforce. In order to meet talent pipeline and upskilling demands, the collaboration between recruitment, talent management, and talent development on competency frameworks is growing in importance.

In this panel discussion, Charlotte Melkert (CEO at Equalture) is joined by Evert Lemmens to discuss the importance of strategic collaboration between recruitment and talent development in the midst of a talent shortage and a widening skills gap.

  • Interplay between Recruitment, Talent Management, and Talent Development
  • Responsibilities of departments in defining, hiring for and cultivating competencies
  • Impact of competency-based hiring on the importance of competency-frameworks for all People departments
  • Addressing the talent shortage from within and the role of Talent Management & Talent Development

A bit about Evert Lemmens

Evert Lemmens, since November, the Global Head of Learning & Development for Boskalis. Started out his career in big corporations, took seats in management teams and became a certified coach. After going through leadership development journeys himself, he decided to transition into corporate HR to fully focus on the development of people. Years of deep diving in the field of Learning & Development and completing a master’s degree in human resource development, gave him the valuable but a-typical HR profile. He is particularly passionate about the Innovation space in corporate learning, coaching, mentoring and Leadership Development. After years of remote working and assignments in the UK and Spain he headed back to Rotterdam where he now lives with his wife and 8-year-old.

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