The CV is dead: how to hire based on what matters

The first professional CV was created in 1482 by Leonardo de Vinci. How is it that something that is nearly 600 years old still plays a prominent role in hiring decisions?

It is the people you hire who are at the core of your company’s growth, and for as long as we can remember, the decision of who to hire has hugely relied on resumes. But that has it’s dangers – resume shows the eligibility rather than suitability of a candidate. Therefore, hiring decisions are often based on wrongfully made assumptions that arise when evaluating someone based on their CV. To make better hiring decisions, we need to first understand what are the benefits of letting go of the resume. This is the beginning of the death of the CV.

Our expert panel – Alan Furley, Suf Jogee, Charlotte Melkert together with moderator Sarah Rice discuss the benefits of letting go of the resume & provide some insights into the more modern alternatives to the old-fashioned CV.

After all, what is written in the CV and what is the true potential of a candidate are often two different stories. That’s why we shouldn’t care only about what someone has done in the past, but also about what they can do in the future!

Key takeaways

After viewing this webinar, you will know:

  1. The potential dangers of relying only on resumes in the hiring process
  2. The benefits of letting go of CVs
  3. Reasons why insight on soft skills is a better performance predictor than CVs
  4. About different methods that can be used for assessing soft skills
  5. What happens with bias when it comes to algorithms

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