Gamification in Recruitment

Insights you will take away from this panel discussion

In this webinar, Fleur Melkert and Charlotte Melkert were joined by Dr. Marcia Goddard (Equalture Advisory Board); and Florian Meister (Temedica). They discuss gamification in recruitment, why immersive assessments are able to generate better results, and the science behind gamified assessments.

Games are commonly associated with Monopoly nights with the family or bike races with friends. But what if gamified assessments are not only fun but also scientifically validated and objectively measure what you want to know about new hires?  

As Dr. Marcia Goddard explains, gamification is the process of adding game elements to non-game situations, such as hiring assessments. 

Let’s assume you want to measure a candidate’s cognitive flexibility, i.e. how they deal with unexpected challenges. In practice, the candidate plays a game where they have to reach the finish line in a car as fast as possible by switching lanes. To ensure that the game measures cognitive flexibility, it is then validated by comparing the results to other scientifically validated tools.

Game-based assessments in recruitment can measure all different kinds of cognitive ability and behaviours and have proven to be better predictors of candidates’ work performance than work experience or education. The results highlight those candidates that have the cognitive abilities and behaviours that you are looking for. In comparison to traditional methods where you get the candidates that have the ‘right’ answers to your questions. This effect is called social desirability. Having people engaged in a game distracts them from what is expected of them, leaving no room for social desirability.

Game-based assessments in recruitment are for everyone. Want to find out why? Click on the video below to watch the full webinar!

Key Takeaways

After watching this webinar you will know:

  • What gamification in recruitment is
  • The science behind gamification
  • Why game-based assessments yield better results
  • The practical application of gamification
  • Why gamification is for everyone

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