Quality in equality. We are Equalture.

Equalture is an unbiased screening and matching tool with a clear mission: we connect skillful professionals to companies, making sure everyone gets an equal chance. We launch in April 2018.

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We want to make sure you get the most out of your applicant screening and matching stage. That's why we have decided to help you conquering two different challenges during this stage of the hiring process, by offering one solution.

Conquer screening obstacles

52% of all Talent Acquisition Leaders state that the hardest part of recruitment is screening candidates. We fully agree with that. That's why we have developed an algorithm to guide recruiters through the screening process.

Match without biases

Every human being is biased. It's normal, we can't blame our brain for that. Instead of fighting against thoughts, we have simply eliminated all data on which you could be biased.

Want us to keep you posted?!

Let's share some secret features with you.

Intelligent screening

We have developed an algorithm to screen applicants based on all gathered data regarding education, job experience, skills and personality. Moreover, we make use of Artificial Intelligence to further optimize our screening process and the predictability of hiring success.

Equalture Intelligent Screening

Business Power Personality Test

Personality is a hiring success predictor which is often undervalued. Therefore, we force companies to integrate this aspect during the screening and matching stage. We have developed an innovative personality test in collaboration with a team of psychologists and the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Equalture Personality Test

Innovative resume creation

In many cases, not all potential is utilized to create the 'perfect resume' due to a lack of completeness and distinctiveness of data. That's why every applicant in our system will create an innovative profile and resume based on all gathered information. Moreover, these resumes are comparable due to the equal format.

Equalture Resume Creation

Unbiased matching

We have promised you to eliminate all data on which you could be biased. We keep up our promise by anonymizing all resumes during the screening and matching stage. Once an applicant is selected to continue to the next step of the hiring process and gives permission to share all personal data, the full profile and resume will be available.

Equalture Unbiased Matching

ATS Integration

We are connected to all major ATS providers to make sure you can use Equalture in combination with your current or future system. And don't worry, we will take care of the implementation.

Equalture ATS

Unbiased job board

Our job board makes it possible for our clients to share their vacancies on an innovative, unbiased platform. Moreover, it is possible for everyone to create a profile and build up a resume on our platform, so they can start job hunting on our job board.

Equalture ATS

And of course, we will also show you which obstacles you will conquer.

  • Resume Volume

    We take care of the screening and matching process, which means you will save on average 23 hours per hire.

  • Distribution of qualifications

    We force you to divide 100% below our four matching criteria: education, job experience, skills and personality.

  • Quality of Hire

    Personality is one of the most valuable predictors for job hiring success. That's why we make sure you won't forget this aspect.

  • Comparability

    We build an innovative profile and resume per candidate based on all gathered information which is comparable with other applicants due to the equal format.

  • Unconscious biases

    To make sure your judgement won't get influenced by unconscious biases, we anonymize all profiles and resumes during the screening and matching process.

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