Never make a bad hire again.

Equalture’s pre-selection technology helps you selecting the best applicant for the job by boosting the quality, speed and fairness of your applicant evaluation process.

Innovate your applicant evaluation process and the days of hiring failures will be over.

Evaluating applicants manually and resume-based destroys the quality, speed and fairness of your hiring decisions. We change your application process to evaluate applicants more qualitatively, efficiently, equally ánd data-driven.


Facilitate a workflow to gather the right information

Lead applicants through a new job application experience and gather the data that's actually needed to predict an applicant's success.


Use data to predict an applicant’s success

Let our AI matching algorithm help you predict an applicant's success to raise the quality and speed of your hiring decisions.


Assess applicants while they are having fun

Let applicants play gamified assessments to analyze personality and cognitive skills while making the application process fun.


Eliminate your unconscious bias

Mask all demographics in an applicant's matching profile to eliminate all bias from your hiring decisions.

Reasons to work with us

stat1 67%

Quality of hire

Data beats human instinct and increases your quality of hire by 67%.

stat2 71%

Candidate Experience

Turn your application process into a fun, pleasant experience and increase your Candidate Experience by 71%.

stat3 54%

Time to hire

Focus on candidates with a high Job Matching Scoring and save up to 54% of your time per hire.

stat4 39%


Say bye to your hiring bias by masking all personal data in the first stage and increase the diversity of your talent pool by 39%.

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Don’t take our word for it

''The biggest challenge for a recruiter is reducing time spent on screening candidates while keeping and improving hiring quality.

Traditional methods like resume screening are time-consuming and in most cases don't reveal the whole truth about a candidate.

After researching a lot of tools out there, we thought that Equalture's pre-selection technology could help us achieving our hiring goals.

And we weren’t wrong. Candidate experience is better than ever and our recent hires demonstrate remarkable job performances.''

Gabriel Thomaidis, Talent Acquisition Specialist @ Azavista