World’s First Team Composition Technology

Assess your team. Reveal gaps through industry benchmarking. Hire the right people to build a crisis-proof team composition.

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Trusted by 250+ scaleups worldwide

While on average 72% of our total costs are spent on personnel, 73% of all failed scaleups fail due to the wrong (combination of) people on board.

Equalture’s Team Composition Technology leverages neuroscience and AI to help scaling companies build an effective team composition, in which the mix of skills, competencies and personalities ensures team performance.

Don’t take our word for it

"We can now see in one eyeblink what skills and people we have in each team and how you can help them grow, especially in this unexpected remote working situation."

Bernhard Kochen, VP Sales @ Convious

"Equalture provides us with an objective evaluation of a candidate, according to our team benchmark, in a split second."

Eva Joosten, Head of Talent @ The Talent Institute

"Equalture benefits our growth and saves us a lot of time and money in the hiring process."

Florent Coudyser, Founder @ weGrow

Equalture for Team Analytics

Stop developing your team based on assumptions.

Get insight into the composition of your different teams (skills, competencies and personalities) and benchmark these compositions against industry data in order to reveal risks and critical skill gaps to act on and to improve your team.

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Equalture for Hiring

Don't guess who to hire. Be sure who to hire.

Translate the output of your Team Analytics into your hiring strategy to ensure that your new hires will fill critical gaps and improve your team composition.

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Working from home? Meet Remotely!

The COVID-19 crisis has led entire teams to work from home. To help prevent productivity loss in this all-remote environment, we launched Remotely, a tool that helps you analyse and improve your employees' remote working skills. Go check it out!

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stat1 67%

Hire better.

67% improved Quality of Hire.

stat3 54%

Hire faster.

54% improved Time to Hire.

stat4 39%

Hire diverse.

39% more diverse talent pool.

stat2 71%

Make it fun.

71% improved Candidate Experience.