Objective hiring through gamification for growing companies

From defining your hiring criteria to selecting candidates. Gamify your hiring process to start acting on scientific insights with a 5x higher correlation with hiring success, instead of biases.

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We all make 3 mistakes when trying to objectify our hiring process to hire the right people.

We set the wrong hiring criteria, we make use of the wrong insights to assess a candidate’s fit with these criteria, and we act on biases when doing so. Equalture’s neuroscientific games help you get it right, by applying a scientific, gamified approach throughout the entire hiring process.

This is how we help you..

"Attract and hire the right diversity of people who accelerate your culture, strengthen your team, and bring your business to the moon. "


"Clearly understand what skills and personalities are needed in your team, as well as a candidate’s fit with your needs, to hire candidates who improve your team."


"Have clear hiring criteria to act on, and collect the candidate insights you need to unbiasedly assess their fit with these needs, right at the start of your funnel."


Introduce a revolutionary approach to psychometric testing

Goodbye to outdated, socially desirable, and disengaging tests.

Start using gamified assessments, built and validated upon decades of neuroscience. Measure a candidate’s cognitive abilities, personality, and behaviour, which have proven to be 5x more predictive for hiring success than job experience.

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Get to know your team first.

Define your hiring criteria based on team insights, instead of guessing them.

Every job and company is different, but we don’t always know what makes it different. Invite your current team to complete our gamified tests first to reveal your culture, top-performer indicators, and more, to set the right hiring criteria.

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Evaluate your candidates fairly.

Base your first impression on science instead of bias.

Let your candidates complete our games as early as possible in the hiring process. Benchmark their results against your team and hiring criteria to objectively assess their fit and contribution. Base your first impression on what’s actually predictive for success.

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Integrate Equalture with your favorite hiring software

Integrate Equalture with your ATS to create an optimal recruitment cycle.

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Overview of ATS that Equalture integrates with: recruitee, teamtailor, homerun, greenhouse
stat1 67%

Hire better.

67% improved Quality of Hire.

stat2 54%

Hire faster.

54% improved Time to Hire.

stat4 39%

Hire diverse.

39% more diverse talent pool.

stat2 71%

Make it fun.

71% improved Candidate Experience.