Unbiased hiring through gamification for startups and SMBs.

Equalture's software helps you collect crucial insights on skills and behaviours of both your current team and candidates to hire the best-fits without bias, by using a gamified approach.

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Trusted by 250+ scaleups worldwide

We re-imagine the way you hire people, by taking over the start of your hiring process.

Your unconscious instantly puts people into boxes based on a CV, LinkedIn or even a picture, which leads to mishires, inefficiency and lacking diversity. Equalture gamifies your hiring process to collect crucial candidate insights right at the start of the funnel, and benchmarks these insights against your team, culture and industry, to help you evaluate candidates the way you should.

Don’t take our word for it

"This isn’t a test where you answer questions, thinking ”How would a Sales Manager answer this”. You can’t manipulate it, so your score reflects a true state of your skills and behaviour. This bias-free method increased our retention from 37% to 80%."

Pascal Frühling, Head of People & Culture at EuropeFX

"I especially like how Equalture’s games map the existing team’s strengths and weaknesses. This helps me understand where to focus on for future hires, and also allows me to easily benchmark all candidate scores against these needs."

Alexander Ledgaard, Product Manager at Simplyture

"It’s a great way to instantly measure skills and personality in an unbiased manner and to compare candidates, which also helps structuring interviews better.Equalture helped me achieve a 50% interview-to-hire ratio."

Bernadette Wijnings, Co-Founders & CEO at Blanco

We re-imagine the way you assess people.

Neuroscientific games to assess skills and behaviour, replacing traditional assessments.

Use neuroscientific games to assess people’s skills and behavioural traits, such as analytical thinking, stress resistance, adaptability and emotional control. Why games instead of traditional assessments? Well, just keep on reading.

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We re-imagine the way you reveal hiring needs and culture.

A revolutionary team analysis to reveal your hiring needs and culture, replacing standard job templates.

Let your current team members complete a set of games to assess their skills and behaviour, in order to reveal cultural traits, strengths and weaknesses, representing your hiring needs.

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We re-imagine the way candidates apply to your jobs.

A new job application experience, replacing the traditional application form.

Instead of letting your candidates fill in a traditional application form, introduce a new job application experience, in which your candidates are asked to connect their LinkedIn to the application, and complete a set of games right away.

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We re-imagine the way candidates are presented.

A data-backed Candidate Profile, replacing the old-fashioned resume.

Equalture generates a profile for each candidate applying to your job, providing you with all insights on previous experiences, skills and behaviours you need to objectively assess job fit and cultural fit. Data-backed and bias-free.

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stat1 67%

Hire better.

67% improved Quality of Hire.

stat3 54%

Hire faster.

54% improved Time to Hire.

stat4 39%

Hire diverse.

39% more diverse talent pool.

stat2 71%

Make it fun.

71% improved Candidate Experience.