Predictive talent matching for volume hiring

The Equalture platform helps you reveal the key competencies for your role, evaluate candidates and track new hires’ performance through gamification, making your hiring process fun, predictive, efficient & fair.

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How we helped Randstad transform their Customer Service Hiring

Completion Rate

Candidate Experience Rating

Since Randstad introduced Equalture’s games pre-screening, they achieved a 92% assessment completion rate and a Candidate Experience Rating of 4.5/5.

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Increased Interview-to-Hire Ratio

Talent Pool Increase

Interviewing high-fit candidates led to fewer interviews but the same hires, with 70% from a talent pool that traditional CV screening would have missed

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Decrease in Attrition 

 With Equalture, the failure rate of hires during probation dropped from 32% to 7% 

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Accurate and fast for you; fun for your candidates

Introduce an assessment candidates enjoy

Engage top talent with game-based assessments, eliminate candidate drop-off from boring tests, and gain objective insights at the beginning of your hiring process.

Smiling young woman playing Equalture's game-based assessment, measuring cognition and behaviour with traits such as problem-solving and ownership.

Know exactly what skills to look for in your next hires

Identify the key competencies for your roles by having current employees complete our games anonymously, grouping them based on their performance, retention, and training completion.

Combined with Equalture’s Industry Benchmark, this approach provides crystal clear insights into your ideal candidate profile, enabling you to hire the right people.

Find the best candidates fast

Immediately filter and select your best-fitting candidates in the platform, to ensure that you only focus your time on the candidates that fit your role requirements.

Assessment results and filtering feature for production workers candidates, featuring completion status and fit ratings based on competency profile.
Equalture's data feedback process for a predictive talent matching engine, where the original competency profile is adjusted based on performance data of new hires.

Build a continuous data feedback loop for predictive hiring

Monitor the performance and successful onboarding/training completion of your recent hires. Use this data to improve your hiring process and quality of hire with every hiring decision you make.

Equalture's data feedback process for a predictive talent matching engine, where the original competency profile is adjusted based on performance data of new hires.

The platform for volume hiring

We’re excited to be working with Equalture to ensure an outstanding candidate experience!

Equalture has a significant impact on our volume hiring process, in our case for customer-oriented roles. Without Equalture, our process would be more time-consuming and less effective. Equalture helps us focus on the potential of candidates, not just their resumes. Without Equalture, the process would be more expensive, less effective, and more subjective.

Since Equalture also analyzes the performance of recent hires, we can establish increasingly sharper benchmarks and competency profiles, leading to higher retention rates and satisfaction among new employees. Equalture is indispensable in our recruitment process.”


Erna Dezaire
Lead Volume Recruitment VodafoneZiggo
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Our screening time decreased by 93%. We now don’t need to check everyone’s CV anymore, a control point we had in place previously.

Besides spending less time screening Equalture really helped us focus less on experience and background and more on a candidate’s potential.  This resulted in 24% of hires last year that we would not have been hired based on their CV, but were offered a job because of their good Equalture scores – with 100% retention. This not only increased the talent pool, but also improved diversity.

Dennis Damoiseaux
Head of Talent Acquisition at FrieslandCampina
70% of all hired candidates through Equalture’s game-based flow would not have been invited for an intake based on their CV.

Since our collaboration, we see a drastic increase in the utilisation of our talent pool. Also, our intake-to-hire ratio increased by 73%. Meaning we’re able to spend more time with the right candidates.

Bart Wenning
Senior Operational Manager at Randstad
Bart Weening, senior operational manaager at randstad
“We work with Equalture because we want to look more at potential rather than experiece.”

We are enlarging our pool of candidates while also being able to match candidates more easily – if a candidate isn’t suitable for a position, the information coming from the games will also be able to tell us what they are suitable for within the organization

Elsemieke Maagdenberg-Kuijpers
HR Development Advisor at Ministry of Defense
Elsemieke Maagdenberg-Kuijpers - HR Development Advisor @ Ministry of Defense

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