Unbiased hiring through gamification

Look beyond the CV and remove bias. Use neuroscientific games to objectively reveal the skills and behaviours of both your current team and your candidates, to hire people based on science instead of gut feeling.

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Leverage behavioural science to look beyond someone’s resume and evaluate candidates objectively and fairly.

Use neuroscientific games to first assess your current team’s skills, personalities, and cultural traits. Consequently, let your candidates complete the games right away during their job application to get to know the person behind the CV and objectively benchmark their skills and personalities against your team, culture, and industry.

Don’t take our word for it

"You can’t manipulate games, so your score reflects a true state of your skills and behaviour. This bias-free method increased our retention from 37% to 81%."

Pascal Frühling, Head of People & Culture at SF Markets

"With Equalture, I can now first focus on a candidate's skills and personality, before focusing on a resume. This removes bias and increased our talent pool."

Zarifa Yusibova, HR & Recruitment Manager at Myos

"Equalture helps us find, select and match our A-players unbiased and really data-driven. And as a data-driven company, that's exactly how we like it. "

Bart Zirschky, Co-Founder at Annual Insight

Judge people on the insights that matter

Don’t let your first impression be based on the contents of a CV and demographics only. Gain insights into someone’s personality, skills and talents right away, to base your first impression on what actually determines job fit and culture fit, and prevent wrongfully rejecting or advancing candidates.

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Hire people who fit the culture and add value to your team

Let your current team complete the neuroscientific games first, in order to reveal cultural indicators, strengths, and weaknesses. By also having candidate results on these games, you can easily assess their cultural fit and look for strong candidates in areas where the team lacks certain skills to create a more skill-diverse team.

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Work with reliable and innovative assessments

Traditional tests cause stress and disengagement, they also allow for social desirability and cultural bias, leading to unreliable results. Neuroscientific games don’t allow for socially desirable behaviour and remove cultural bias, which guarantees reliable outcomes.

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Provide candidates with an unforgettable experience

Gamify the job application process to create an outstanding experience for candidates, while at the same time being able to collect crucial, science-backed insights to assess fit.

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Integrate Equalture with your favorite hiring software

Integrate Equalture with your ATS to create an optimal recruitment cycle.

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Overview of ATS that Equalture integrates with: recruitee, teamtailor, homerun, greenhouse
stat1 67%

Hire better.

67% improved Quality of Hire.

stat2 54%

Hire faster.

54% improved Time to Hire.

stat4 39%

Hire diverse.

39% more diverse talent pool.

stat2 71%

Make it fun.

71% improved Candidate Experience.