Shaping the world of unbiased hiring for SMBs.

Collect unbiased insights on skills and behaviour for both your team and candidates to hire the best-fit people. Right at the start of your hiring process, by using a gamified approach.

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Trusted by 250+ scaleups worldwide

Imagine having objective insights into crucial skills and personality traits for every single candidate right away, which you can compare to your current team and culture. Hi unbiased hiring. Bye poor hiring decisions.

Equalture leverages neuroscientific games to analyse your current team and culture in order to define your hiring needs. The same insights are then collected for candidates in order to assess whether they fit your needs, right during their very first interaction with your company.

Don’t take our word for it

"After implementing Equalture, our retention rate has increased from 37% to 80%."

Pascal Frühling, Head of People & Culture at SF Markets

"Equalture helps us reveal what skills and personalities to look for in our hires and accurately tests a candidate’s fit with these needs."

Niklas Fehrm, Chief Revenue Officer at Scrive

"Equalture objectifies our hiring practices – especially remotely – and helped us achieve a 50% interview-to-hire ratio."

Bernadette Wijnings, Co-Founders & CFO/COO at Blanco

A revolutionary assessment method to measure real behaviour

Say bye to old-fashioned, manipulable and boring traditional assessments. Start leveraging neuroscientific games to get to know your candidates’ and team members’ real behaviour, personality and skill set.

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Team Insights to reveal your hiring needs

Let your current team members complete our neuroscientific games to get an objective overview of your team’s skills, personalities and behaviours, which is benchmarked against similar teams. Reveal success predictors, skill gaps and cultural traits to act on when hiring a new team member.

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Candidate Insights to make the best hiring decision

Stop collecting resumes and revolutionise your job application experience in which your candidates can build up a new profile and complete our neuroscientific games to actually get to know them. Compare these results to your hiring needs and hire the best-fit candidate. Data-driven and bias free.

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stat1 67%

Hire better.

67% improved Quality of Hire.

stat3 54%

Hire faster.

54% improved Time to Hire.

stat4 39%

Hire diverse.

39% more diverse talent pool.

stat2 71%

Make it fun.

71% improved Candidate Experience.