Capital Group Customer Case: Objective Candidate Screening

Here is how Capital Group ensured an unbiased and objective candidate screening process, as well as a better understanding of early career candidates.


The Capital Group Companies, Inc., (CGC) is a privately-owned global investment management organisation that manages assets for publicly owned mutual funds and institutional accounts (such as corporations, public funds, endowments and high-net-worth individuals).



Job focus


Challenge: the need for inclusive and objective hiring

Capital Group acknowledges the importance of diversity and equality in the workplace. They sought to establish a more inclusive and objective hiring process that would ensure a fair evaluation of all candidates. Traditional hiring methods often fall short in providing equal opportunities, as some candidates may have an advantage by preparing specifically for the assessments. This disparity in preparation could lead to an unfair selection process. 

To address these concerns, Capital Group set the goal to implement an objective screening mechanism and establish an internal team benchmark in an unbiased manner.

Implementation of Equalture

Equalture has been adopted by Talent Acquisition teams for Early Career hiring, and the reports generated are shared with assessors involved in the hiring process. In the first round of hiring, Equalture was administered to all candidates, while in the second round, the assessment was sent to candidates prior to their final interview.

Results: better understanding of early career candidates

Equalture has been used for two rounds of the 10K Black Interns program. During the first round of hiring in January 2022, 147 applicants underwent the Equalture assessments, which allowed for an efficient screening process based on the established internal benchmark. In the second round of hiring in January 2023, 13 applicants were assessed using Equalture, and their scores proved to be valuable in conducting fruitful interviews and preparing managers for their future interns. The scores provided insight into the candidates behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses, enabling managers to determine where additional support may be needed.

The implementation of Equalture yielded significant positive outcomes for Capital Group. By using Equalture in their hiring process, Capital Group was able to better understand their early career candidates, allowing them to prepare targeted questions and focus on candidate competencies and potential. The Equalture reports provided crucial insights into each candidate’s behaviours, strengths, and weaknesses, enabling managers to identify areas where additional support and development might be required.

Capital Group’s commitment to creating an inclusive experience for candidates was evident through their improved candidate experience rating of 4.3/5. The adoption of Equalture played a key role in providing diverse early career candidates with a better understanding of themselves, enhancing their overall experience throughout the hiring process.

The gamification was our favourite feature and received the most positive feedback from our candidates.

Comments left by candidates:

  • It was a different application process rather than the standard essay-based questions that most applications have. it tests your skills and how you think about solving problems.​
  • Incredibly fun and thought-provoking in a creative and non-mundane way​.

Claire Stewart, the Talent Management Business Partner at Capital Group, expressed her satisfaction with the partnership with Equalture. Despite the short-term decline in hiring volumes, Capital Group remains optimistic about their continued collaboration with Equalture for their early career hiring needs.

This strong partnership ensures that Capital Group can uphold its commitment to diversity, equality, and an objective hiring process, making them an employer of choice for a wide range of candidates.

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