How Signature Foods Achieved an 86% Trainee Retention Rate

By hiring based on games instead of CVs, Signature Foods achieved a retention rate* of 86% for their traineeship hires. (*taken after 2 years)
Signature Foods Customer Case: An objective selection process for traineeships

Signature Foods is a fast-growing FMCG company located in the Netherlands. Signature Foods is known for the production of a wide variety of premium products such as Johma & Old Amsterdam.







Job Focus Equalture

Traineeship Hiring

We believe that with unbiased hiring we can select and onboard the best talent from our talent pool to support our business ambitions. Equalture was proven effective 2 years ago already.

We’re super excited to, once again, be able to make use of the Equalture platform to make fact-based hiring decisions, gain insights and perform analysis.

Marloes Gombert – Head of People & Culture at Signature Foods

Marloes Gombert, Head of People & Culture at Signature Foods

Trainee retention rate of


Increased diversity by


Improved job satisfaction by


Challenge: Founding a trainee program

In order to secure the lasting success of Signature Foods, it was essential to establish a trainee program from the very foundation. Several challenges could be distinguished to setting up the program successfully.


Ensuring equal opportunities

“We wanted to ensure that we hired our trainees without filters and in a truly unbiased and objective way. At Signature Foods we really value providing every candidate with an equal opportunity.”


Measuring potential

“It’s hard to evaluate trainees based on what they have on their CV. The accumulated experience of this group is very limited”


Trainee retention

Traineeship roles face extremely low retention rates. For candidates with no prior experience, a retention rate of 35.7% is the average. (source 2021 Internship & Co-Op Survey Report)

Implementation process

Together with Equalture Signature foods created a new hiring process, mainly for their trainee track.

“We asked Equalture to support us. We chose Equalture as our ideal partner to co-create this process.”

Objective hiring criteria for the role requirements were set up, and a competency profile was created in order to focus on the qualified candidates. The hiring process was set up with Equalture’s game-based assessment right at the start.

Current set up of the hiring process

Equalture logo

We use Equalture at the start of the hiring process. As soon as a candidate who’s interested in one of our traineeships clicks on ‘apply’, they are sent to Equalture, where they share their LinkedIn profile and complete the games right away.”

Marloes Gombert – Head of People & Culture at Signature Foods

Equalture offers the possibility to let candidates complete a set of games at the start of the hiring process, which allows Signature Foods to get an objective impression of someone’s skills and personality, which significantly decreases any biases throughout the screening candidates

Results: Improved trainee retention rate

Signature Foods has seen impressive results by letting traineeship candidates apply through games. 

The results are very impressive:

Signature Foods proudly achieved an impressive trainee retention rate of 86%.

Using game-based assessments allowed Signature Foods to improve their efforts in promoting diversity as 90% of hired trainees are accomplished and talented women.

By introducing fun and engaging games as part of the application, the company received overwhelmingly positive feedback from candidates. Most applicants expressed their delight in experiencing a refreshing and enjoyable approach to showcasing their skills and potential. 

Signature Foods’ commitment to providing a positive candidate experience has translated into increased trainee job satisfaction. 

We were able to hire the right quality of the new trainees, at the same time we have also been able to drive our diversity agenda.

Marloes Gombert – Head of People & Culture at Signature Foods

Marloes Gombert, Head of People & Culture at Signature Foods

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