Signature Foods Customer Case: An objective selection process for traineeships

Signature Foods Customer Case: An objective selection process for traineeships

About Signature Foods

Signature Foods is a fast-growing FMCG company, located in The Netherlands, counting over a hundred people today. For this customer case, we interviewed Rob Rijnders, Chief Commercial Officer, on why Signature Foods implemented Equalture for their traineeship hiring, and what the results are.

Why Signature Foods partnered up with Equalture

Which challenge did Signature Foods face when deciding to look for a solution?

”As a fast-growing company, Signature Foods had a need to build a fresh new trainee program. We wanted to ensure that we hired our trainees without filters and in a truly unbiased and objective way, as we really value this at Signature Foods. Also, it’s hard to evaluate potential trainees based on a resume, as the resume for this group is very limited.”

What made you decide to partner up with Equalture?

‘’Equalture offers the possibility to let candidates complete a set of games at the start of the hiring process, which allows companies to get an objective impression of someone’s skills and personality, which significantly decreases any biases you might have when screening candidates. That’s why we asked Equalture to support us. We chose Equalture as our ideal partner to co-create this process.”

How Equalture is being used in the hiring process

Where in the hiring funnel do you make use of Equalture?

”We use Equalture at the start of the hiring process. As soon as a candidate who’s interested in one of our traineeships click on ‘apply’, they are sent to Equalture, where they share their LinkedIn profile and complete the games right away.”

Which feature stands out for you?

”Apart from the games obviously, the blind hiring feature. With this feature, you can mask all personal and demographic details from a profile, so that you can’t get biased by any of these details.”

The experience for candidates and hiring managers

What do the hiring managers think of Equalture?

”This is going to be a short answer. Positive, cooperative, and future-proof!”

And what about the candidates who applied to your traineeships?

”They also really liked it. We especially often received the feedback that it was very fun and engaging for them to complete games as part of a job application. Most candidates only had experience with more traditional tests that tend to increase stress, so this feedback was very nice to get back from them.”

What impact Equalture has made

What has been the impact of using Equalture?

”We took the contingent we needed into the company: a 100% score! Apart from the right quality of the new trainees who have started, we have also been able to drive our diversity agenda.

So far, we hired 7 trainees, of which 6(!) are female. What was also nice to see is what Equalture calls the Equalture Effect – how do hires impact the composition of a team. We let our team play the games before we asked candidates to do complete them, so with Equalture’s Teams feature, we could easily see the effect of the hires. An example: We hired 3 trainees for the Commercial team. Those 3 trainees together improved the Commercial team’s problem-solving ability, level of accuracy and conscientiousness, and we became slightly more flexible on average.”

Want to play one of our games yourself?

A visual of one of the games that is non-cheatable and measures a specific skill/personality trait.

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