AI matching technology for better hiring without bias.

Equalture is a pre-employment matching technology. Our goal: making sure that you always hire the best candidate for the job. How? Say hi to data and bye to your bias.

54% Improved Time to Hire

71% Improved Candidate Experience Score

67% Increase in Quality of Hire

39% Growth of your talent pool by eliminating hiring bias

We are Equalture, a blind, data-driven matching technology. We help you finding the perfect candidate for your job. Intelligently, without human bias and dedicated to the candidate experience.

Candidate Matching Scoring

Reading hundreds of applications is no longer needed: our AI matching technology accurately predicts the match between a candidate and a job, which saves you up to 20 hours per hire. Moreover, candidates who are judged based on data analysis instead of purely human judgements are 50% more likely to be successful on the job.

<span>Candidate</span> Matching Scoring

Unbiased Hiring: The Blind Auditions

Every human being is biased. It's normal, we can't blame our brain for that. Instead of fighting against our bias, we simply make sure you can’t get biased. How? Simply by masking all personal and demographic information in a candidate report. It’s like The Blind Auditions of The Voice. Being a kick-ass singer doesn’t depend on appearance; being successful on a job doesn’t depend on your name, age or gender.

<span>Unbiased</span> Hiring: The Blind Auditions

Neuro-Assessment Games

Time flies when you’re having fun. And guess what: gamification in recruitment isn’t just fun for candidates. It’s the most reliable and innovative method to analyze personality traits and cognitive skills. We ensure that your candidates enjoy their application while we are able to collect significantly more data.

<span>Neuro</span>-Assessment Games

Automated Candidate Feedback

Fun and easy applying are important aspects of your Candidate Experience. However, the process after completing the application can really make or break this experience. Missing out on a job and never hearing why is a real dealbreaker for your company’s reputation. That’s why all candidates automatically receive feedback after finishing their application by giving them their matching report. This report contains all information candidates need to see their strengths and weaknesses regarding the job.

<span>Automated</span> Candidate Feedback