Hire the best candidate for the job. Data-driven and bias-free.

Equalture helps you to select the best candidate for the job by providing you with an accurate job successfulness prediction, based on both experience and potential.

54% Improved Time to Hire

71% Improved Candidate Experience Score

67% Increase in Quality of Hire

39% Growth of your talent pool by eliminating hiring bias

We are Equalture, a blind, data-driven matching technology. We help you finding the perfect candidate for your job. Intelligently, without human bias and dedicated to the candidate experience.

Candidate Matching Algorithm

Our AI matching algorithm helps you to predict how successful a candidate will be in your company – right after a candidate has applied to your job - based on both historical data (job experience, education, etc.) and predictive data (personality and cognitive skills). By providing you with a candidate matching profile it’s no longer needed to read all applications, which saves you up to 20 hours.

<span>Candidate</span> Matching Algorithm

Neuro-Assessment Games

Historical data shows a candidate’s successes so far. Predictive data (i.e. personality and cognitive skills) shows a candidate’s possible future successes. A candidate’s subconscious behavior – the type of behavior they show without being aware of it – provides you with that information. Our subconscious behavior determines our ability to learn, how we interact with other, how we make decisions and how we process feelings and emotions. Through gamification we’re able to analyze this behavior while making it fun for candidates to apply.

<span>Neuro</span>-Assessment Games

Blind Hiring (optional)

Every human being is biased. That’s normal. But although it’s normal, it also increases the chance of rejecting a good candidate due to your unconscious bias. That’s why we make it possible to mask all demographic information on a candidate’s profile. It’s just like The Blind Auditions of The Voice. Being a good singer doesn’t depend on looks, so being successful on a job doesn’t depend on your name, age or gender.

<span>Blind</span> Hiring (optional)

ATS Integration

Integrate Equalture with your ATS or recruitment system to fully optimize and automate your hiring process.

<span>ATS</span> Integration