Oops! I’m biased: In-Group Bias

Together with Dr. Marcia Goddard we talk about In-Group bias not only applied to a business setting, but also to a societal setting.

The in-group bias is the tendency that people have to favor their own group above that of others.

In other words: once you feel like you fit in a certain group, you tend to favor the people in this group over the people outside this group.

The basis for group formation can vary greatly; groups might be formed based on gender, age, living environment, job experience, etc..

The consequences of this bias can be expressed in the evaluation of in-group members vs. ‘outside people’, sharing similar opinions within the group and creating bias towards other groups. Leaving many negative consequences:

❌ Less diverse talent pools leading to a lack of diversity within teams

❌ It can be a massive threat to inclusion within an organization

❌ A trigger to other biases such as confirmation bias

❌ Inefficient & biased hiring process


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